Joan Rivers Throat Surgery Clinic Facing Death Threats

The staff of the New York City endoscopy clinic at which Joan Rivers underwent throat surgery in the week before she died is facing threats following the passing of the legendary comedienne. Many fans are blaming said staff for her death, pinpointing the event on the surgery having gone wrong and the 81 year old’s heart momentarily stopping.

Sources close to the The Yorkville Endoscopy clinic have reported that the threats have been coming even since even before Rivers’ passing. When she was first rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during the surgery, irate fans reportedly told those involved in the surgery that if the comedienne died, so would they. Following her passing, the fans called on the clinic to accept the blame for the incident, and to wish death on those who performed the surgery. Additional security has reportedly been hired to keep the staff safe, with the clinic closing early on some days in order to send certain employees home. Head staff at the clinic itself, however, deny that the extra security is in any way associated with the reported death threats. They have given the statement that said security was hired because of the media frenzy surrounding Rivers’ death, an event that has caused dozens of paparazzi to swarm the scene looking for information.

In regards to the failed surgery itself, the New York Health Department is reportedly reviewing the clinic and its employees to see if a full-scale investigation is warranted to uncover exactly what caused the respiratory and cardiac arrest that ultimately lead to the death of Rivers. So far the review is said to be only of the clinic as a whole, rather than focusing on the doctor who performed the surgery. The practices of the doctor will be looked into only if the review of the rest of the clinic generates suspicions for the NYHD, a review which is said to be going to take weeks or even months.

Devastated fans are not the only ones who are upset with the clinic’s actions. Rivers’ family is reportedly considering suing the facility, with the allegations that they made a fatal error during the surgery and were fully responsible for the patient needing to be put on life support and subsequently passing away as a result of the procedure. One family member gave the statement that the surgery should not even have been performed on someone Rivers’ age, given that endoscopy is an extremely risky surgery for the elderly. They also say that doctors warned the family that the comedienne could suffer some amount of brain damage, should she even come out of the coma. The family says that they were originally told the surgery was a very routine and safe one, hence they were blindsided when Rivers took a turn for the worse.

It remains to be seen what will come of the alleged death threats the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic have been receiving. The clinic, however, is reportedly doing its best to maintain the safety and security of everyone involved.

by Rebecca Grace

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3 Responses to "Joan Rivers Throat Surgery Clinic Facing Death Threats"

  1. carminda   September 7, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Interesting !….waiting for some closure on this

  2. Anna harding   September 6, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    They were informed.of the risks.was it a cosmetic procedures?81..was it necessary for an. 81 year old to to under the knife?she was 81.why investigate?did this clinic have a bad history?

  3. Dr.Bruce Janati   September 6, 2014 at 6:48 am

    It is sad, indeed, that the mediocre health care system of the US tragically caught up with this great woman.

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