Kate Middleton Suffers With Hyperemesis Gravidarum Again

Kate Middleton

With the announcement of her second pregnancy, it is confirmed that Kate Middleton is suffering with hyperemsis gravidarum again. This is extremely morning sickness, and meant that she had to go into hospital with her first pregnancy. That led to the public learning that she was expecting much sooner than the royal family hoped.

It could be the case that the public has found out that she is expecting much sooner than the royal family wanted again. Due to her hyperemsis gravidarum, Middleton has been forced to cancel her booked engagements. She is to remain home under the watchful eye of her doctor until the sickness passes.

While some will suggest that it is just morning sickness, it is extremely debilitating and dangerous. It can leave mother and baby dehydrated and under-nourished. Expectant mothers struggle to drink water in some cases, let alone eat anything. They can end up hospitalized just to get fluids and nutrients, and sometimes medications, into their systems. The good news is that in most cases, like normal pregnancy sickness, it goes away after the first trimester. However, some women can suffer from it throughout.

According to Baby Centre, a popular website for expectant mothers, the condition is only experienced by three percent of expectant mothers. It can start at any time between weeks four and seven of gestation, and continue up until around 16 weeks. By 20 weeks, the feeling of nausea and the extreme vomiting will pass. Baby Centre states that 10 to 20 percent will have hyperemesis gravidarum for the whole time.

Not all mother who suffer from hyperemsis gravidarum the first time with do again, but Middleton is one of the unlucky ones. However, it does not appear as severe as the first time considering she is at home during this time. Her doctor will keep a close eye to make sure that she does not lose too much weight. If she does, she will likely have to return to the hospital for treatment.

As long as mothers are treated for it, it is unlikely that the baby will be harmed. It is when mothers go without treatment and continue to avoid food and water that their babies are put at risk. For many, it is the discomfort and lack of being able to do anything around the house or with friends that is the debilitating part.

There are a number of ways to treat this condition, and some of these Middleton will likely try. The first is bed rest, which appears to be the one that the Duchess of Cambridge is opting for right now. Another is to try various herbs that are thought to help ease nausea and sickness. Other homeopathic remedies or acupuncture are other options that some expectant mothers find worth trying.

This is not like any pregnancy sickness. It is severe vomiting and can lead to expectant mothers being left dehydrated and under-nourished. Many find they need to take time off work, which is something that Middleton appears to be doing as she suffers with hyperemisi gravidarum again.

By Alexandria Ingham


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