More Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence Hit Internet

 Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence

More nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence hit the Internet this past weekend as the actress was targeted once again in the celebrity hacking scandal. Private images of The Hunger Games star first showed up last month and now it is being reported that over 50 more pictures of Jennifer Lawrence have appeared on web, stated New York Post gossip column Page Six. It was back in August that Lawrence’s representative criticized the  hacked pictures as being  a “flagrant violation of privacy” and commanded prosecution of the culprit or culprits responsible for the disgusting behavior. Agents working at the FBI began an investigation into the outrage.

There have been other celebrity nude photographs released since August as well and some of the others victimized have been Amber Heard, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson. The newest wave included nude pictures of British model Cara Delevingne and also private photographs of Twilight star Anna Kendrick. It is believed they were supposedly stolen from cloud storage accounts. However, Kendrick was reported to have been wearing clothes in each of the pictures that were released about her. She did not seem that upset about the latest leak. She had put up a posted photograph on Twitter of text her brother had sent to her, which reportedly read that he had never been happier not to see her name on a list.

However, Jennifer Lawrence has not been so lucky. The reported number of nude pictures of her was allegedly over the 50 range mark. Apparently several different media sources have termed this fresh outbreak as The Fappening 3. Lawrence, Delevingne and Kendrick are the top names among the new group of celebrities who have had personal photographs leaked on the Internet this time around.

While Delevingne and Lawrence are said to be naked in their respective pictures, Kendrick is stated to be clothed in her nearly 90 photographs. However, it has been said that there are several pictures that allegedly show the actress partying very hard in some extremely skimpy garments. Some of the other individuals who have allegedly been struck by the new leak are said to include actresses Kelli Garner, Alexandra Chando and Lauren O’Neil along with American Olympic gold medalist Misty Treanor.

It was earlier last week that pictures of American television personalities Jenny McCarthy, Cara Maria Sobello and Lizzy Caplan were posted on the Internet. This was due to an alleged iCloud leak which allowed the celebrities’ phones and computers to be hacked. Law enforcement has started to really crack down on the crime of hacking. Back in 2012, Christopher Chaney was put under arrest in Florida over nude images he disclosed of Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson. Chaney was given 10 years in prison.

A hacker or hackers decided to go after J.Law once again this weekend as she became one of the targets repeatedly victimized as other new nude photographs of the star of The Hunger Games went up across the Internet. Private images of Jennifer Lawrence first showed up in August and they have appeared once more on the web.

By Kimberly Ruble

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