Once Upon A Time: Season 4 Exclusive Sneak Peek (Video)

once upon a timeSeason 4 of Once Upon A Time will premiere this Sunday, September 28 on ABC and an exclusive 7 minute sneak peek was released before the premiere. It is basically a clip from the first episode of season 4, titled A Tale of Two Sisters and it seems like the Frozen is really coming to Storybrooke.

After the season finale of Once Upon A Time, several questions arose and the viewers had no idea what to expect in season 4. The last episode of season 3 was most certainly exciting, all the way from start to finish. As the episode ended, a whole new twist was revealed. An unexpected twist, which left the fans wondering, what will happen in season 4. This exclusive sneak peek may answer some questions, however, it can also bring up some new ones.

Once Upon A Time season 3 ended with Elsa from the Frozen coming to Storybrooke. As the camera followed her, she froze the ground as she took off her gloves. As she was walking away, she formed ice with her every step.

In the sneak peek, the viewers can see Elsa and Anna as they put flowers on their parents grave and Elsa tells her sister that she has a surprise for her wedding. The next thing that happens is Elsa walking from the barn in Storybrooke, so this is basically the continuation of the scene from the season 3 finale. Again, as she walks down the street, she is forming more and more ice.

The sneak peek of Once Upon A Time season 4 continues at Granny’s, where Regina just found out that the woman, who Emma brought back from the past, is Marion, Robin Hood’s wife. As she walks out of the diner, Emma follows her and she tries to talk to her. However, she does not regret the fact that she saved Marion’s life and she tells Regina that she will not apologize for saving that woman’s life. During their conversation, Emma asks Regina how can she help her and she tells Swan that the more she tries to help her, the worse her life becomes. After that, Robin and Marion also come out of the diner and Robin says that they should talk about the situation. Marion realizes that her husband and Regina are together and she does not know that Regina is not the Evil Queen anymore. However, she says some hard words and Regina walks away. Henry, Emma, Snow and Charming are worried that she may become evil again, since she lost the men she loved. Again.

On the other side of the town, Grumpy and Sleepy are driving in a truck and Elsa is still walking down the street. She looks very confused and it looks like she has no idea where she is. As Sleepy loses control of the vehicle, the truck almost hits Elsa. However, she stops the truck as she forms the ice and the dwarfs have no idea what just happened.

Season premiere of Once Upon A Time is highly anticipated and this exclusive sneak peek will most certainly make many fans very happy.


By: Janette Verdnik

International Business Times
Broadway World

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  1. Janette Verdnik   September 23, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    Sam, I am really sorry about the video. I did not know that Disney removed it, it was still working when I checked it earlier today.

  2. Sam   September 23, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    maybe you should put up a video that’s not blocked next time. thanks disney

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