Scotland Capital Voted Against Independence


Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, voted against independence. It was seen as one of the more important votes. Had the people in the capital voted against the union, it would have been a clear attack on Westminster. It would have clearly stated that the U.K. government was not going enough for the Scottish people.

With just one center left to vote, only four have voted for independence so far. One of those was Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow. With a turnout of 75 percent, 47,247 people voted for independence, against the 34,402 who voted against it. This was likely not that surprising. When seeing clips of people on the streets of the city, it was clear that many people were in favor of a split from the United Kingdom.

North Lanarkshire also voted for independence, which was another expectation. This was the closest out of the four Yes areas, with a majority of just 51.1 percent. West Dunbarton saw one of the highest turnouts at 87.9 percent, and 33,720 people voted for independence.

One of the biggest shocks may have been Dundee’s support for independence. The city is full of English and Irish students, which would have suggested the city would vote against the break of the union. However, it had the highest majority for a split with 53,620 people.

Despite the four areas voting for independence, Scotland’s capital voted against it. Edinburgh had a 61 percent majority against the break of the union, and spoke volumes. However, the capital was clearly not the only area to be against the idea of the union breaking up. Many other areas supported the idea of Westminster continuing to govern Scotland. However, more devolved powers are expected for the Scottish government.

There is still one center left, the Highlands. This was expected much earlier than this but has reportedly been held up by a traffic accident. However, the result from this area cannot swing the vote to the other side. The current no vote has been concluded based on the total number of people who could vote yes from the Highlands.

Scotland will not be the only country to see change after this vote. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that all four countries in the United Kingdom will get more power. This is especially important for the English people. Only-English matters are the only ones that can be decided by ministers from all four countries. For many years, people have viewed this as unfair, and it appears that something will finally happen.

The pound, which saw a sharp drop over the last few weeks, has seen an increase in value against the Euro and dollar. Clackmannanshire’s vote for no instantly made the value jump by one percentage point. It is the highest value the dollar has seen in the last two years. That increase jumped further when Orkney voted against independence.

It has been a passionate campaign from both sides. However, many eyes were on Edinburgh to see whether Scotland’s capital would vote for or against independence.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Telegraph


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