The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Shares More About Season 8

The Big Bang Theory

The hour-long premiere of season eight of The Big Bang Theory is almost here, and Mayim Bialik has shared some interesting spoilers for the show. The actress who plays the neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler dished the dirt on what she will be up to this season.

So far, it is clear that she will continue her relationship with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). The Blossom actress is happy to note that this is a relationship unlike any other on TV right now. All other relationships need sex for intimacy, but this isn’t a requirement between Amy and Sheldon. They hardly hold hands, but they know so much about each other and do care about one another. Amy has also helped Sheldon grow as a person, even if he did leave at the end of the last season.

While Amy has helped Sheldon, Bialik admits that she continues to grow because of Penny and Bernadette, and now she is playing the two of them against each other so she gets the best of both. The 38-year-old has admitted that she is having fun with the way her character is developing. She continually tries to use “young person” language, and ends up appearing as a complete nerd.

Bialik is not the only one to share more details about The Big Bang Theory season eight. The show runners have shared spoilers for the first two episodes; more importantly how Sheldon returns to Pasadena. Sheldon’s belongings are taken from him and he is stranded in Arizona. He has no choice but to call Leonard for help.

While Amy is glad that he is home, she is annoyed that Sheldon never called her. At the end of last season, she was annoyed that he left her behind, or did not feel safe or committed enough to move in with his girlfriend.

For Penny and Leonard fans, season seven ended with them getting engaged and Penny finally giving up on her acting career. Fans have already heard that she is moving on to being a rep for a pharmaceutical company. While the idea if far-fetched for some fans, it will certainly add a new dynamic for The Big Bang Theory. Penny will no longer be the character trying to scrape money together, and could end up having more money than her boyfriend. She will also spend some time trying to prove to her parents that she is not pregnant but that she loves Leonard. Luckily, fans will already know that Penny’s dad likes Leonard.

The relationship between Bernadette and Howard will continue at the same pace, and there will be no baby yet. As for Raj, he finally gets a girlfriend and she will be included in the group now and again. It will be interesting to see her interact with the other girls on the show.

After a late start with filming, the episodes are almost ready to go. The schedule has not been messed up too much, and the hour-long season premiere will air as expected on September 22. Fans will be excited to see the story play out after Bialik and others have shared more about season eight of The Big Bang Theory.

By Alexandria Ingham


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