The Voice Cruises to Televisions Across America on Monday [Preview]

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The Voice on NBC will be cruisin’ onto TV screens all across America this coming Monday, September 22, in the premiere of its seventh season. Season 7 of The Voice has been eagerly anticipated by the show’s millions of fans who want to see how well Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Pharrell Williams (Happy) mesh with the two other judges/coaches, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

If the chemistry that Gwen and Pharrell appear to have in the commercials for The Voice is any indication, they should have no problems fitting in with the show at all. Blake and Gwen were together just this past week as guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and participated in an extremely funny “Lip Synch Battle” with Fallon, who turned 40 on Friday.

Though No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani, 44, is the only female in her band and at home she is also the only woman, as she has three sons with her husband, Gavin Rossdale, according to The Modesto Bee, even her tolerance has been tested to its limits by the males in the cast of The Voice.

Gwen mentioned that “the bar has been risen,” in particular, by Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, whose latest album, V, is tearing up the Billboard charts. She added that Adam “really has no filter.”

Adam Levine got married over the summer to uber sexy Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. He has stated that the seventh season of The Voice might be his most outrageous one yet. He stated in a recent interview that “”I’ll probably lose more of my filter now that I’m married.”

Pharrell Williams has enjoyed the experiences he has had, thus far, interacting with the contestants of The Voice. He is serious about being a coach, knowing that getting the chance to win a recording contract is very important to the competitors. He said “It’s serious competition.”

Blake Shelton has a few bones to pick with Pharrell, who he claims has already taken many of the top competitors this season on The Voice. Shelton called Pharrell “conniving” and he said that Williams uses his good looks “against us,” according to the article in The Modesto Bee.

Carson Daly will be returning as the host of The Voice on NBC. During this summer, the show has been holding auditions for contestants across America, with the strongest vocalists among them making the cut to go head-to-head against each other in the hopes of winning a potentially life-changing recording contract.

Though the Blind Auditions have already been held, viewers will get to see them in the first couple of weeks of The Voice Season 7. The Blind Auditions are the first of five rounds the competitors will face. The four judges of The Voice will select the singers who they want to make up their teams. The stealing of team members also comes into play.

The second round is called the Battle Rounds, where two competitors from each team will go head-to-head. The coach of his or her team members of the individual battles must then decided which one did the better job. The losers will then either be “stolen” by one of the other judges or will get sent home. The coaches have two “steals” available to them that can be used during the Battle Rounds. Also, the four judges of The Voice and their team mentors will off the competitors advice and tips for success to move on to the next stages of the competition.

Then, in the third round of The Voice, the Knockouts, even more contestants get eliminated. The remaining competitors will get paired against a teammate and again battle each other, though in these rounds, each pair gets to choose whatever song they want to sing from a list of songs that is given to them by the judge of whichever team they are on. Whichever competitor is the loser of any given Knockout can be stolen by one of the other coaches, though each coach only has one “steal” he or she can use during the Knockouts.

Then, the top 20 competitors left will proceed to the fourth phase of the competition, the Live Playoffs. In this round, the remaining competitors will compete against each other to try to move onto fifth and final round, the Live Performance Shows. Two of America’s favorite artists from each of the four teams will be “saved” by the viewers of America, while each coach will “save” one other member of his/her team.

The three final team members of each of the four teams on The Voice will then move onto the Live Shows. These top 12 musical artists will compete against each other during live broadcasts and the voters of America will be able to “save” their favorite singers. The three competitors who have received the lowest amounts of votes from viewers on a Monday show will sing another song on Tuesday’s show and viewers can “Instantly Save” the singer who fans feel did the best job. This is done through the amount of tweets each of the three receive at the end of the Tuesday shows.

During the final episode of each season of The Voice, one competitor who America and the four coaches have determined to have the best singing voice will be declared the winner. The lucky winner will then be awarded a recording contract and have the distinction of being named “The Voice” of the season.

Despite the fact that Christina Aguilera and Usher will not be on this season of The Voice, the seventh season might be one of the best ones yet. Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani are both major recording artists who have won multiple Emmys and other awards and have sold millions of albums, so they are both pretty good judges of talent and should fit in well this season of The Voice. Be sure to tune in on Monday on NBC to see the Season 7 premiere of The Voice and then check back here to read a recap/review of the episode!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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