Weight Watchers and Diabetes UK Healthy Selfie Campaign Continues

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Last month, members of Weight Watchers UK were encouraged to take healthy selfies, and the campaign with Diabetes UK continues. Guardian Liberty Voice was given the chance to speak to one of the press team with the weight loss company to find out more about the campaign and the success.

In an email interview, Katie Inglis explained that the campaign has actually been going on since June. Photos were shared on the Weight Watchers UK and Magazine social media pages, and those taking part were encouraged to use the hashtag HealthySelfie. They were also encouraged to donate towards Diabetes UK, and some viewed the campaign as something similar to the no makeup selfie campaign from the months previous.

The difference with this campaign is that it is ongoing. Inglis explained that Weight Watchers and Diabetes UK have joined in partnership to help reduce the risk of, as well as manage, Type 2 diabetes. They are “encouraging people to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.” All the funds are going towards those affected by the disease, and those who may be at risk of either Type 1 or Type 2.

The healthy selfies is just one part of the campaign. The full campaign is actually called “Move More for Diabetes UK,” and also encourages people to get fit while they lose weight. Inglis could not share any details of the money raised as part of the campaign at the time of the interview. Guardian Liberty Voice has asked a series of follow-up questions to find out more.

However, the Weight Watchers and Diabetes UK healthy selfie campaign continues. The idea is that people take photos whenever they are out doing something that involves moving more. This could be something as simple as walking their dogs or climbing mountains.

Inglis explained that the “reaction from members has been fantastic.” So many are affected by diabetes in one way or another, and they have found the campaign an excellent way to raise awareness and money. Many have gotten involved by sharing their photos of them taking part in exercise or just after they have finished. The joint campaign has also helped raised awareness of how weight and exercise can affect a diabetes diagnosis.

While it has not seen the same media coverage as the no makeup selfies and did not gather the same social media interest as the Ice Bucket Challenge last month, it does seem to be successful for Diabetes UK.

Some people have certainly taken advantage of trying new things with the healthy selfie campaign. One user posted a photo of herself doing a bungee jump. Others have started exercising for the first time, with some doing DVD workouts like the 30 Day Shred.

There is still time for others to get involved in the campaign. Those who do get involved are encouraged to donate just £1 (about $1.62) to Diabetes UK. This can be done in a variety of ways, including via texting and online. The healthy selfie campaign between Weight Watchers and Diabetes UK continues, and shows that getting fit is great for the waistline and health.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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Interview with Katie Inglis, Weight Watchers Press Team