Yoga Pants Take Over Jeans

Once jeans were a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but now it seems as though yoga pants that have taken their place. In a rather surprising new trend, sales of jeans have been taken over by athletic wear such as yoga pants. Denim sales have declined over the past year while the sales of everything from active wear to sweatpants and yoga pants have risen.

Since Levi Strauss made the first pair of blue jeans 141 years ago, the popular clothing has been a staple in closets everywhere. Jeans were the go to article of clothing for many, and they were soon easily transferred from daytime wear to a more dressed up, business casual option. In the last year however, the sales of jeans have dropped by 6 percent. One reason for the drop in jeans sales comes from a lack of original designs since the last trend of skinny jeans. The other reason for that drop can be explained by the prevalence of individuals looking for comfort, and as such, opting to wear more athletic clothing.

Both men and women have taken a step back from purchasing denim this year, and instead, more and more people are purchasing leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants and other forms of athletic wear. As the sales of jeans dropped, the sales for athletic clothing increased by about 7 percent. The shift to a more athletic based wardrobe might be explained in part by individuals shopping for back to school wardrobe. As one shopper says, she has purchased more leggings and yoga pants because not only are they more comfortable to wear but can also be dressed up to a more sexy look.

As the yoga pants trend takes over in place of jeans, denim manufacturers will have to find new methods to attract buyers. Companies such as Wrangler jeans and Levi Strauss are talking about offering a new line of jeans that will have a stretchy fit to them in an effort to compete with the active wear. Some are even discussing creating jeans that reflect the look of sweatpants with an elasticized cuff at the leg bottom and a looser fit overall.

It is too soon to determine if a new, more casual style of jean will help in an effort to regain the favor with shoppers. The denim companies are willing to be innovative in finding ways to incorporate the casual style that consumers seem to be craving. As the new styles of denim compete with the athletic apparel, the jeans designers will have to wait to determine if their gamble pays off. People who are looking for comfort as well as a look that can be worn to the gym may not be easily swayed to try these new denim styles.

As the denim companies wait to see if their designs will influence buyers to give them a chance once more, athletic apparel will continue to sell as the trend has signified a more health conscious style of dress. Yoga pants may have taken over as the wardrobe favorite for now, but jeans have been around for a long time. After 141 years, denim may have taken a hit but companies are indeed looking to make a comeback.

By Kimberley Spinney

CBS News
The Province

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