Amanda Bynes Is Engaged?

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is reportedly engaged. In Touch Weekly reports that the former child star told one of its reporters herself. The news comes just days after reporting her strange behaviour in New York, and some wonder whether it is just another attempt at getting attention.

The 28-year-old was just walking on Sunday when she reportedly told the journalist that she is engaged, wants to be married, but that she is “very needy for friendship” and hates men. The alleged fiancés is a 19-year-old from Costa Mesa, California called Caleb. He is not a celebrity, and works in a bait shop in the city.

However, she really wants to get him to move to New York. That is where she wants to live, because she prefers riding her bike and walking. She does not like driving, because she does not like the way that she looks. Having a car is a necessity in California. It is not really surprising to hear that she prefers to walk or cycle, considering many of the recent issues with the law have involved her car. She has recently been arrested again on DUI charges, in Los Angeles, California of all places.

The questions about her engagement arose when she was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger. During the comments as Bynes confirmed that she is engaged, she explained that the wedding would take place in Los Angeles, at the London Hotel. However, no date has been shared yet. Many may question just how much say her alleged fiancé has had in arranging the wedding.

Bynes also spoke about her want for a family. She admitted that she could not deal with having a girl, because she would be jealous of how gorgeous she could be. She only wants to have boys, and would like a large family.

The She’s a Man star has had a quiet few months since leaving the in-patient treatment facility in November. She was released after completing her court-ordered treatment, and placed into the care of her parents. After that, she enrolled onto a fashion design course and was focusing on her education. However, almost a year since her release, she seems to have decided to act out again.

Her erratic behavior has been witnessed over the last few weeks, with the DUI ending this spate of it. There are also reports that Bynes was expelled from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising weeks before the DUI incident at the start of the month, which suggests that that may have been the reason for her going off the rails again. According to reports, The Amanda Show star was paying other students to complete her assignments, and acting much higher than all the other students.

Some suggest that her parents are slightly to blame. They refuse to acknowledge her mental health issues, which she was reportedly treated for last year. The support may have been enough for her to continue acting out. However, it has now led to another DUI, and Bynes’ reported engagement to her 19-year-old Californian boyfriend.

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