American Horror Story Attacked by Clowns

American Horror Story

American Horror Story may be popular with viewers, but has been attacked by clowns. The depiction of the evil clown in the series has not been met with amusement from those within the industry. It was already bad enough with Tim Curry’s portrayal of evil clown Pennywise in Stephen King’s It.

The show has only aired its first episode of season four, so far. It was met with a record-breaking number of viewers, reaching 10 million at one point. That one episode has led to season five already being ordered, which is widely unprecedented when it comes to any TV show. It just shows how great the creators are.

However, a number of clowns do not see it that way. They are attacking American Horror Story for the scary portrayal of them. Twisty the Clown in the show has been labelled the scariest clown on TV, and is enough to give even those without a fear of clowns nightmares. It is not just the TV show that the clowns are attacking; they are attacking Hollywood for the full portrayal.

The Clowns of America International president, Glenn Kohlberger, stated that Hollywood makes its money by taking the norm and sensationalizing it. The pure elements of society become the things of nightmares. His association does not support the evil stereotype of clowns, which has led to coulrophobia, the Latin for “clown fear.”

It is important to note that the fear of clowns does not just come from American Horror Story, but the use of Twisty has led to it being attacked by other clowns. The character is an evil psycho killer, who traps children within the school bus.

The character is actually based on a real-life killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. He performed as Pogo the Clown, but murdered and raped 33 or more boys before his arrest in 1978. It is men like him who have helped bring a genuine fear of clowns, rather than the big or small screen.

The use of killer clowns in fiction can be found in publications that date back to 1849, and possibly earlier. Edgar Allen Poe was one of the first writers to use clowns as a source of evil. Over 40 years later, the opera Pagliacci had a murdering clown. One of the most popular clowns has to be The Joker from the Batman comics. He first appeared in 1940, but many will remember the Heath Ledger performance.

Due to Hollywood’s portrayal of the characters, it has made it very difficult for clowns to find work. The Clowns of American International has seen a decrease in memberships by 1000, with this as possibly the reason why. However, there is no confirmation that this is the only reason.

American Horror Story’s next episode will air tonight. Reports of the show include one that involves Twisty’s real face, which is expected to be revealled during the episode. It will help to put the man behind the mask, which may help those who have a fear of clowns.

As for real clowns, they may not be part of the audience tuning in. American Horror Story and other similar TV shows and movies have been attacked by real clowns for the portrayal of them.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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