Ancient Artifacts: 1000 Year Old Viking Gold Found in Scotland

viking gold

Though men see different things as treasure, as what one man does not value may be another man might, there is no refuting that the real treasure recently found, is valuable to any man. As much can be found as clues to the past, a little bit of the Vikings past has now been uncovered, as a treasure hunter has found, in Scotland, viking gold that is over 1000 years old.

They were large, vicious, robbers who invaded Scotland in the 9th century in search of the treasure that the country held dear. Though Scotland was not the first country to be invaded, Scottish history states that the Vikings settled quickly in the country and remained for a while. Their long ships gave them control of both the land and sea, as they took whatever they wanted. Though many ancient artifacts have been found that once belonged to the vikings, some are simply more precious than others. Vikings had a slew of artifacts as they wore helmets, attacked with large swords, stole much “treasure,” and kept up ships that were, in those times, more advanced than any other ship built.

In the cities of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland treasure hunters have recently found more artifacts that once belonged to the vikings in Scotland. Viking gold and silver have been found in large amounts, which many are calling the jackpot, for retired businessman, Derek McLennan. In the largest discovery of its kind, McLennan found many ancient artifacts, dating back over 1000 years, including a silver pot, which holds inside of it things that have not been discovered yet, and a large silver cross. and several more goldviking gold objects. Specialists from Scotland’s Treasure Trove are working to determine the exact origin of the artifacts and they are also trying to determine who the artifacts may have belonged to, hoping that the objects will give them a deeper look into the past. Though vikings are a major part of Scottish history, there are still many interesting discoveries that have been found, in recent years. One such discovery was made by McLennan in an earlier discovery that he made, in which he found 300 medieval coins around the same area in which he made his most recent discovery.

Though McLennan is not the only treasure hunter who has found viking gold in Scotland, his recent discovery was a major one, especially considering that at this time they are now over 1000 years old. Other major discoveries were made as viking gold and artifacts were found in 2007 and in 1840, and many smaller discoveries have also been made throughout the years.

According to historians, there is probably much more viking gold and artifacts to be found. Vikings, who stole from others, also hoarded all of their treasures and buried them for safe keeping. Treasure seekers find Scotland to be a valuable area, as many vikings inhabited the area for much of the ninth and tenth century. Though McLennan has found two major burials with viking gold and silver, he is not the first or last treasure hunter that will help Scotland discover more about the historical vikings that once ruled the lands. However, McLennan can certainly take pride in having made one of the most significant discoveries of viking treasure.

By Crystal Boulware


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