Annabelle: The History and Demon Behind the Doll


Annabelle (Warner Brothers) is one of the creepiest flicks ever made and — if you believe in the supernatural origins behind the movie — it is based on an actual doll. The history behind the movie and the doll and the demon which supposedly possesses the doll to this very day is almost as fascinating and creepy as the movie, itself, which is directed by John R. Leonetti and produced by James Wan.

Leonetti was the cinematographer who worked on The Conjuring (2013), of which Annabelle is the frightening prequel. James Wan directed The Conjuring. Annabelle is attracting huge numbers of people in to see it during its debut weekend, many of whom are fans of The Conjuring and wanted to see the origins behind Annabelle, the doll, in the films.

According to an interview that Leonetti gave to Latin Post, the Ed Warren family, who now have the original Annabelle doll in a display case at the Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, believe that the doll is still possessed by a demon. 1952 was when the museum was founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll is not like the one in Annabelle, however; it is, instead, a Raggedy Ann doll. A priest comes by and blesses the doll two times a month to this very day.

Besides the doll being a different type of doll than the one in the movie Annabelle, another difference is that the film takes place in Santa Monica, California, while the historical case of the demon-possessed doll occurred in New England.

Originally, as the history of the Raggedy Ann doll goes, a mother found the doll in a second-hand store and bought it sometime during the 1970s. Her daughter, Donna, who had a roommate, Angie, was happy when she was given the doll, but that happiness soon changed to unease and then terror when the Raggedy Ann would move, on its own, from one place to another when there was no one in their apartment.

Donna asked a medium to come to the apartment to try to discover if the doll was possibly haunted. The place where the apartment Donna and Angie lived in was supposedly built on a field where a young girl was murdered. That girl’s name was Annabelle. That is likely why the medium believed that the Raggedy Ann was possessed by the ghost of the little girl, and also why she told Donna and Angie that the doll was harmless. Annabelle was not “harmless” at all, but the two roommates did not find that out until later.

The ghost of the little girl, Annabelle, seemed to be attempting to communicate with Donna and Angie. The young women found scraps of paper here and there that had “Help me” written on them. After Donna’s boyfriend was attacked when he went into the room where the Raggedy Ann was in, She began to suspect that whatever it was that possessed the doll was not the harmless spirit of a little girl.

Donna asked a priest to come to her apartment. The priest told her about the demonologist and paranormal investigator, Ed Warren, and the psychic medium, Lorraine Warren. According to the Warrens, the Raggedy Ann was not possessed by the ghost of a young girl named Annabelle. Rather, the doll was possessed by a demon who wanted to exert its evil influence upon Donna and eventually possess her instead of merely possessing the doll.

Donna did not want anything further to do with the doll, so the Warrens removed it from the apartment and brought it to their house. There, Annabelle still appeared to be possessed, as the Warrens claim it would move about their house and they witnessed it levitating. That is how the Raggedy Ann wound up being on display at the museum, where it is on display, locked up (hopefully) securely.

The history behind the doll Annabelle in the movie of the same name is not like the history behind the doll in the film, but it is still pretty creepy. In the movie Annabelle, the doll is given by a husband, John Form (Ward Horton), to his wife, Mia (actress Annabelle Wallis), who is pregnant. The doll is a rare and old one, dressed in a wedding gown. Mia loves the doll, at first…until very odd things start happening, after people from a Satanic cult invade the couples’ house.

The cultists attack John and Mia, and after that, though the couple survives, the doll becomes possessed by an evil, sinister entity. The entity has a name, at least one that it tells the couple: Annabelle. The demon that possesses the doll hungers for the soul of Mia’s unborn daughter, Leah.

Unlike the historical doll Annabelle, the doll in the movie never moves. The frights in the flick are created by other means, like through sound effects and a black-colored demon. The demon only shows itself to Mia.

Further details might be considered “spoilers” to enjoying Annabelle. Suffice it to say that the flick contains a lot of thrills and chills. It is a perfect movie to see this time of year, as Halloween is fast approaching.

The history behind the demon which supposedly still possesses the doll, Annabelle, to this very day is unlike the reason the doll becomes possessed in the movie. However, assuming that the details behind the history of the Raggedy Ann the Warrens have on display at their New England museum are true, it could be said that the movie is loosely based on an actual historical case of a demon which possessed a doll.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Latin Post
International Business Times