‘Castle’: Searching for Answers [Review]

Castle continued to play out the mystery of the titular character’s two month disappearance in Episode 2 of Season 7, which was entitled “Montreal,” and aired Monday, October 6 on ABC. Viewers and the show’s characters are searching for answers as to what happened during Rick Castle’s wedding day abduction and subsequent two month disappearing act, which resulted in an aborted wedding and amnesia for the mystery writer.

Castle (Nathan Fillion) cannot remember what happened during his abduction and those around him, namely wife-to-be and crime fighting partner, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), are trying to help him crack the case. However, after some of the information revealed during this episode, it remains to be seen whether the truth will be uncovered, and if the mystery is solved, will the truth help or harm the characters and their loved ones?

During an interview for his newest book release, Rick is attacked by the interviewer, who is attempting to get the scoop on his disappearance. She questions his whereabouts and possible motives for taking off. Could he have suffered a case of cold feet? Could Castle have been a runaway groom? Could he be faking his amnesia? Rick vehemently denied these accusations and offered a hefty reward of $250,000 to anyone who could provide verifiable information on his whereabouts during his disappearance.

Let the reward wackiness begin. First, Captain Gates (Penny Johnson) reprimands Rick for giving out the precinct phone number as his reward hotline. It seems the station has been flooded with tips regarding his disappearance and people interested in claiming the reward. This information elicited a surprising response from Castle, who laid a big wet one on Gates! He had leads to search and intended to follow them to answers. Most of the tips were from crackpots and fortune seekers as predicted. However, one tip seemed promising, so Rick and Kate went to check it out. Unfortunately, the tipster apparently has seen a few too many X-Files episodes and claims they were on a ship together as part of an alien abduction and experiment. Okay, Next! The saving grace came in the form of a recently returned honeymoon couple, who noticed Castle in the background of one of their vacation photos. Turns out, Rick was in Montreal during part of his disappearance and the photo was taken outside a Montreal bank. Moreover, Rick was talking to the fake Henry Jenkins, who was played by Matt Letscher in the Season 7 premiere, in the honeymoon photo.

As Castle and the gang continued to search for answers, more questions were raised. After Rick and Kate searched for more information about the photo, Beckett had to resolve their other case involving the CEO who was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Turns out, the recently departed CEO was conducting an Undercover Boss operation within his own company to root out criminal activities and was killed for it. Meanwhile, Rick and Alexis (Molly Quinn) headed to the Montreal bank he was photographed outside of and located a safe deposit box rented by Castle that contained letters with memory cards to Kate, Alexis, and Martha (Susan Sullivan). The memory cards had pre-recorded, cryptic messages to each of Rick’s loved ones, in which he expressed his love and regret because if they were viewing these messages, he was likely dead.

Once Castle obtained a location from the memory card, he headed back to Montreal alone to search for answers. There, he encountered Letscher’s fake Henry Jenkins in person, who informed him that Rick himself had arranged for his memory wipe related to an experience from his childhood that compelled him to become a mystery writer. The enigmatic, fake Jenkins advised Castle to stop searching for answers and that “some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.” This mysterious revelation sent Rick back home to Kate and saddled with more questions than answers. However, the experience prompted Castle to ask Beckett if they could marry right away and move forward. Her response was they needed to wait for things to settle a bit before committing to marriage, but the couple settled on a wedding in a month’s time. Will the dynamic duo finally tie the knot in a month? Will Castle ever recover his erased memory? Will the backstory of Rick Castle finally be explored? Only time will tell. However, as Castle’s disappearance and amnesia continues to unfold, the gang will likely continue searching for answers. The question is will they be satisfied or disturbed by the answers, and how will this journey affect the characters? Tune in and find out Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

Opinion and Review By Leigh Haugh

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