Could Charlie Sheen Come Back to Two and a Half Men?

Charlie Sheen

Rumors are ripe that Charlie Sheen is coming back to Two and a Half Men, but is that even possible? To start with, they brought the character out in the ultimate way; by killing him. There were witnesses to say that the character was killed, so what possible way is there to bring him back? How could the writers really add in a twist where he did not die, unless they go the route of it all being a dream?

Sheen did not leave the show out of choice. He was the highest paid actor on the set, and one of the most loved. He even commented about not leaving the show unless fired, which is just what happened. The actor was surrounded in so much negative press in 2011 that executive producer Chuck Lorre had no choice but to let him go. Ashton Kutcher took his place on the set, and has made it work.

Now there are rumors that Sheen could return for the series finale. The good news for fans is that he would happy to do it. He made a comment about being happy if the others wanted him to return. It would be fun. The question is whether something like that could really work. Is it possible for Sheen to come back to Two and a Half Men?

There are a few storyline options available. The first is that his death was all a dream. That is a common route for none supernatural shows, but is disappointing for the fans. It has been used in the past, with negative views each time. It makes the previous seasons pointless, especially when it comes to reruns.

Another option is for him to be a ghost. He could have a one-episode cameo where he appears to his brother, nephew or mother. If the writers wanted to keep Sheen on for longer, he could continue to haunt the home that he used to live in.

Alan could get ill and start seeing his dead brother. This is something that Grey’s Anatomy pulled as a way to bring Denny back for Izzy. It turned out that Izzy had cancer and it had spread to the brain, which is why she was hallucinating.

A fourth option would be for him to appear as a dream. While this would make some sense, it may be disappointing for the fans. The Tudors opted for this to bring back Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour as Henry VIII was close to death.

Sheen is tipped to return for the series finale, which would be something the fans would want to see. He has his own ideas of how it could work, but he has not shared anything yet. The Anger Management star did admit that it would not get in the way of others, and would be something the fans would love. It would help to bring some closure for fans, considering the sudden departure between seasons. The question is whether it could really work for Sheen to return to Two and a Half Men without seeming forced.

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  1. Robert Goens   November 13, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    That should bring him back as if rose was keeping him locked up, and she faked is death.and some how he escapes.

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