Ebola Quarantine in Maine Ordered by Judge


Maine authorities went before a judge this morning after Kaci Hickox, a nurse who has returned to the United States after spending time in Sierra Leone caring for patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone, defied a quarantine order by going out and riding her bicycle alongside her boyfriend. The judge has just issued an order in support of the quarantine order, though some relaxing of the conditions has been made. Hickox has been ordered to submit to direct monitoring, and to avoid going to any public places except as required to receive medical treatment. She has been allowed to be out in parks or public outdoor spaces if she maintains a 3-foot distance from any other people during the time of her imposed quarantine. The outcome of this particular battle between Hickox and the state is being watched closely nationally, as there are many states looking for a precedent to point to in the case of similar situations surrounding returning Ebola workers in their own jurisdictions.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Jason Scragz – Flickr License