Facebook Age Restriction Causes Woman to Say She is Younger


The age restriction on Facebook has caused a woman to say she is younger than what she really is. It is the complete opposite to most people who try to join the social media site. Many pre-teens say they are older so that they get to have an account to keep in touch with friends and family members.

Mark Zuckerberg probably never imagined someone over 100 joining the site. Those who have lived that long may not be tech-savvy enough to join. It is understandable that the earliest date available is 1905. However, Anna Stoehr explained that she was forced to lie about her age since she was born in 1900. She is 114 this year, but on Facebook it says she will turn 99.

She is not the stereotypical old-aged pensioner. She likes to use technology, especially since Joseph Ramierza made a two-hour drive to her nursing home to teach her all about Google, Apple and email. He also introduced her to the social media site, and she now uses it to keep in touch with her own family members and friends who are also on the site. It allows her more interaction from her nursing home.

Stoehr is Minnesota’s oldest resident, and one of the oldest women in the world. However, Zuckerberg was certainly not expecting someone of her age to even consider joining the site.

This tech-savvy woman was forced the woman to say she is younger than she really is due to the Facebook age restriction. She joins a small club of people in the world to say she is younger than she really is just to bypass the restriction; although there are likely plenty making themselves younger for many other reasons.

Most decide to say they are older. Facebook has a requirement for users to be 13 or older. However a number of primary school aged children want to join the site, and it led to them saying they are older. There are a number of concerns about this, including predators on the site.

Stoehr has written to Zuckerberg about the situation, and she did it the old-fashioned way with a typewriter. It adds some irony to the whole situation, considering she has become a very tech-savvy woman. So far, Facebook has declined to comment on the age restriction, or confirmed whether they will add the extra dates to allow Stoehr to be honest about her age. The letter she wrote has a fun remark of how she is still around, which is likely to put a smile on many faces.

The problem with the age restriction has come up in the past. In 2012, Florence Detlor was given the prestigious tour of the headquarters for the business, where she got to meet Zuckerberg. She was believed to be the eldest user at the age of 101 at the time. However, it was later found that there was an older person on the site. Now Stoehr has come forward to say that she is really going to be 114 on Wednesday.

Not only does Stoehr have a social media profile, but she also uses the site on her mobile device. She is possibly one of the most tech-savvy women over 100 in the world. It just shows that there are problems with the Facebook age limitation if a woman has been forced to say she is younger than she really is.

By Alexandria Ingham