Florida Woman Arrested After Tossing Nail Polish Remover on Roommate


A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly tossed nail polish remover on her roommate in order to set him on fire. This was while they were having an argument on Wednesday, stated law enforcement. Melissa Sellers, age 33, reported went into an anger filled fury when she discovered that her roommate, Carlos Ortiz Jr., age 42, tossed out the spaghetti and meatballs she had prepared for dinner, explained an acquaintance of Ortiz’s, who allegedly was an eyewitness to the event at the Florida house, explained to several different news media sources.

The police stated that Sellers caused Ortiz to go up in flames with either a lit cigarette or a lighter. Ortiz was rushed to a nearby hospital and has been listed in critical condition. Florida law enforcement noted that he is suffering from burns over half his body. Sellers took off from the scene of the crime before Florida police were able to get there but she came back and was taken into custody while they were still there. She has been charged with attempted murder. Law enforcement explained that she was interviewed at the Tampa police station on Wednesday and was later booked into the county jail. It was not known at the time if she had retained the services of a personal attorney.

The argument really became violent when Sellers grabbed the nail polish remover, which is considered to be an extremely flammable substance and dosed Ortiz all over his upper torso. It is believed they both had been heavily drinking. Sellers was going around lighting all kinds of small items on fire. That was when she proceeded to drain all the nail polish remover on top of him, stated Ines Causevic, the friend of Ortiz. Suddenly Ortiz caught on fire.

Sellers started to go into a panic and tossed water on her fiery roommate in order to try and stop the man from burning any more than he was. Causevic stated that when Ortiz tried to stand, his face appeared to be melting, it looked pink and very sore. It also looked like his lips were on fire.

Sellers was arrested about 5:30 a.m. and attempted to play down the event as nothing more than  an accident when she made her first appearance in court, stated a spokesperson from the Florida police department. However, she was given a charge of aggravated battery and was placed in jail with a bail of $10,000.

Individuals who are acquainted with Ortiz, stated that the man is a very kind man who had allowed Sellers to move into his home after she was evicted from her previous dwelling. One neighbor stated that she stated she knew Sellers had been very stressed and also had legal problems. It was also reported that Sellers allegedly had former arrests for robbery and battery. The neighbor explained that Sellers might have lost her wits, but she stated she just could not imagine anyone wanting to hurt another person in such a vicious way. It was such a horrible thing to do. The court did not release when Sellers next appearance would be. Ortiz is still listed in critical condition.

By Kimberly Ruble


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