Halloween Costumes That Are Trending

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means that it is time to start looking for costumes that are trending. Halloween has become a time for people, adults and children alike, to get costumes to dress up in for parties and trick or treating. People have increasingly shown a willingness to spend more money, and as a result, the holiday has become big money for costume designers and retail stores.

The National Retail Federation’s 2014 Halloween Consumer Top Costumes Survey has compiled data on what costumes young children plan to dress up as for trick or treating and classroom parties. It shows that Elsa from Frozen leads the way with girls. For boys, generally the most popular picks are superheroes, particularly superheroes that have starred on the silver screen in recent years. In particular, Spider-Man and Captain America will be very popular, as well Batman and Superman from DC Comics. Looking by the numbers for young children, it is estimated that 3.4 million children will dress up as some kind of princess, 3 million will dress up as some animal, 2.6 million children are planning to dress either as Elsa, or some other character from Frozen, 2.6 million children will dress up as Spider-Man, and 1.8 million children will dress up as one of the characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While it is more common for boys to dress as superheroes, some girls have requested costumes for female superheroes, particularly Wonder Woman and Batgirl. The American doll franchise Monster High is also a popular costume requested by girls. Some other popular costume requests include Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, Harry Potter, and Maleficent, the title character from the movie of the same name that starred Angelina Jolie.

Teenagers have predictably different tastes. The most popular requests among teens are characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. Sally is the top choice for girls, and Jack is the most popular choice for boys. Other popular themes are vampires and zombies, perhaps particularly inspired from television shows like The Walking Dead and Twilight. Some other common requests include Japanese cartoon characters, who are also popular among some young teens.

The National Retail Federation’s survey discovered that 75 million adults will also dress up for Halloween. One particular costume for adults this Halloween may seem a bit peculiar to some, and has generated some measure of controversy. That would be the Ebola Containment Suits, which are available from the website BrandsOnSale. It may be worth noting that these costumes are essentially very similar to last year’s Breaking Bad costumes that had not sold. The costume sells for $79.95, and in the advertising, it is billed as the most “viral” costume of the year. It includes what appears to be a hazmat body suit, gloves, a face shield, a breathing mask, and goggles.

Some are taking exception to the Ebola Containment Suits as being in bad taste, and seeming to make light of an outbreak of a disease that has already caused considerable death and suffering. The Atlantic considers it the worst costume of the year. But the CEO of BrandsOnSale, Johnathon Weeks, believes that the costume is symbolic of the true spirit of Halloween. Indeed, the controversy surrounding these Ebola Containment Suits might help to make them among the most “viral” of the Halloween costumes that are trending the most this year.

By Charles Bordeau


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Photo by Pedro Ferreira – Flickr