Has Supernatural Blown It Bringing Dean Back After Just Three Episodes?


Has Supernatural blown it after bringing Dean back from being a demon just three episodes into its 10th season? Demon Dean was a character that many fans were excited to see, and the season nine finale set it up for a huge story arc around the character.

Many fans were left disappointed after Soul Survivor. All they wanted to know was why set up for an epic showdown just to have Dean saved so quickly? What was the point in the major cliffhanger of season nine? Supernatural continued with letting some fans down when Dean seemed to be back to normal, wanting to help others.

Some fans have gone so far to suggest that Dean is worse for the transformation. He acted like a jerk during the episode, continually blaming Sam for all the deaths that occurred. Sam convinced an innocent man to sell his soul, which ended up being the man that Dean killed as a demon. Both brothers blame each other, and it takes the whole episode for the older Winchester to finally thank his brother for “saving” him.

The question is whether Dean is really saved. Those who really know the show and have followed it from day one know that the writers always have something up their sleeves. Chances are that Supernatural has not blown it by bringing Dean back after just three episodes. This is the chance to see whether Dean and Sam can mend their relationship after such a terrible ordeal.

Two things that this week’s episode Paper Moon did not touch on were Crowley and Castiel. Neither showed up during the episode at all, hinting that there are stories that still need to be told.

Right now, Crowley has the knife that goes with Dean’s Mark of Cain. While he says he is going to get rid of it, chances are that he will keep it considering his previous decisions on Supernatural. Is he waiting for Dean to miss a kill that he needs, so that he turns into a full demon? Could it be that he really wants that older Winchester on his side in Hell, ruling the whole place?

It is also possible that Dean still has some of the demon inside of him. He did not want to take a break, but did it for Sam. He needs to get back out there. After questioning whether he was ready for it, Sam learns that Dean wants to make up for the bad he did as Demon Dean. However, there are chances that he wants to get straight back into it so that he can kill. He still knows the consequences of not killing, and he has not shared that with Sam yet. What will Sam think when he learns about his brother’s urges and needs.

There are still at least 18 episodes of the season left, if the show sticks to a 22-episode season. If the past couple of seasons are anything to go by, it could have a 23-episode season planned. Either way, there are still plenty of episodes for the writers to toy with the idea of bring Demon Dean back, and pushing the brothers’ relationship to breaking point. Supernatural may not have totally blown it by bringing Dean back after just three episodes.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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