Haven: Exposure (Recap/Review)

HavenHaven‘s previous episode introduced one pretty cool new trouble – the incineration trouble. However, it was not so cool any more when Audrey and Nathan got separated almost immediately after they finally reunited, because thanks to this new trouble, Wuornos became a ghost. Furthermore, as Nowhere Men episode ended, Nathan was still invisible and the trouble was not solved yet.

Mara is still not willing to talk without getting something in return. After Duke tells her that she will not get her hand on his family journal, Mara tells him that she would then like to hear more about his mother. At first, Duke refuses, but after he finds out that Nathan is in trouble and Audrey asks him for help, he tells Mara more about his mother. However, he needs to have a few drinks before he opens up, so he and Mara end up pretty drunk. So, Duke tells Mata that his mother showed up to reunite the family after Duke’s father died. His mother promised that things would be different, but Duke soon realized that he was just her next meal ticket. She even turned his father’s house into a flop-house and after the place soon got shot down, Duke’s mother did not come around so much.

Meanwhile, Audrey calls an old friend, Seth Byrne aka the ghost hunter and the viewers probably remember him from Haven‘s last years episode Shot in the Dark. Seth tells Audrey that Nathan should still radiate an electromagnetic field and with his little device, he locates Wuornos, who is actually standing in the room with them. Audrey tells him that she will keep him posted by leaving notes on her desk in case she finds out anything new. Which is exactly what she does when she finally finds the person who is causing this incineration trouble. It appears that Amy, the photographer who was taking pictures at the Farmers Market, is responsible for the disappearance of all those people. Audrey pays her a visit and asks Amy to take a picture of her, so that she can cross over. Apparently, objects also cross over, so Audrey wants to take the communication device that Seth built with her and this way, she can communicate with Amy and make her to stop her trouble. The experiment fails and Audrey is still there. She calls Duke to see if Mara started talking. So, Duke tells his drinking buddy that it is her time to talk, but she confesses that she does not know anything about this trouble. However, she gave a painting trouble to a painter once and after he finished someone’s portrait, that person would then get stuck inside this painting. Which means that people in Haven cross over when Amy prints their picture.

Audrey finally crosses over, but she finds Nathan lying on the floor. It appears that Morgan was the one who killed the guy at the cemetery, because he did not want Nathan to find the solution and he tried to scare him with the note he left. Since he was diagnosed with cancer and was dying before he crossed over, Morgan wishes to stay here and he is even willing to kill for this cause. Furthermore, with Seth’s device, Morgan establishes communication with Amy and he tells her that her trouble will end if she takes a picture of herself and prints it. She actually does that, but when she crosses over, Amy soon realizes that Morgan is not the man she used to know, since he was killing people just to be with her. When she realizes that the man she loved is really gone, Amy’s trouble ends and they are all back.

Dave is still at the hospital and he cannot wait to go back to Haven. However, nurse tells him that before he leaves, they need to take a sample from his wound on the leg, because they want to send it to biopsy. The Teagues brothers are now very worried, since the results might reveal that Dave’s injury is not an ordinary one. Vince tells his brother that they must steal the sample, but Dave gets cold feet. However, Vince tries to steal the sample by himself and he ends up getting caught. Nurse calls the police and a funny moment happens when Dave comes in, saying that the is the Chief of Police, Garland Wuornos. Dave even shows his badge, slaps Vince a couple of times and then takes his tissue sample because this is ‘evidence’ now. Well, after the Teagues brothers are back in Haven, drinking cocktails at the Grey Gull, a car with CDC sticker pulls over. Apparently, Dr. Charlotte Cross is looking for Dave and it seems like his tissue sample somehow ended up in CDC’s hand. Why else would they send their doctor to Haven?

Well, it looks like it will get pretty hot in Haven in the upcoming episodes, since CDC will probably stick around for a while. However, now that their secret is obviously not really a secret any more, the gang is facing a very difficult task of protecting the troubled people in Haven. Once the word gets out that people in Haven have special powers, they could soon become lab rats and this is something that will have to be prevented by all means.

By: Janette Verdnik