Homeland: Carrie Mathison Has Some Serious Issues

HomelandWhen the creators of Homeland announced that the show’s fourth season will be a big reset, the viewers most likely did not expect this outcome. After only five episodes, Homeland is already loosing its audience and if season four continues this way, many more will simply stop looking. With everything that she has done in this first five episodes, Carrie Mathison obviously has some serious issues and she is the reason why more and more people express their frustration over the show.

The first big sick thing that Carrie did was when she gave her daughter a bath and she was thinking about drowning her. After this episode, many viewers said that they have switched off Homeland for good. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman? Yes, she is bi-polar and yes, she is a little bit crazy. However, drowning your own child? That was a big no-no for many viewers, who gave up on the show.

The fact is that Carrie is a terrible mother. Well, if one can even call her a mother. She gave birth to her daughter, changed her mind about putting her for adoption and then she left her baby with her sister, while she is playing cowboys and Indians thousands of miles away from home. When Carrie actually came to visit baby Francis in the Homeland season four premiere, she took her to Brody’s house and she told her daughter how she is not happy to be a mother, because she just loved Nicholas too much. Does that make any sense? Francis is Brody’s child, his legacy. Instead of pushing her away, Mathison should find comfort in the fact that Brody left her the most precious gift – a child. Well, most mothers would thing like that, but the viewers have already learned that the only thing that Carrie cares about is her job.

The dust on this baby-in-the-bathtub scene did not even subside, when Carrie did it again. This time, she showed that she clearly has no boundaries nor a guilty conscience. In order to get what she wants, Mathison seduced a student, who is not only almost two decades younger, her is also a virgin. Correction – he was, until Carrie got him in her claws. Well, it is a good thing that Aayan, who is the nephew of the wanted terrorist Haqqani, has a full chest of hair. At least this provides some visual reassurance that Carrie was not seducing a minor and that we viewers were not, by extension, complicit in a sex crime. Several viewers found their sex scenes too obscene, which is why they simply stopped watching. The fact is Homeland is making its viewers very uncomfortable, all thanks to Carrie Mathison. The old crazy Carrie was most definitely way better and less creepy.

Carrie Mathison obviously did not learn from last time that sleeping with possible terrorists or people, who are aiding terrorists does not tend to work out well. Well, it looks like Carrie only has one chapter in her play-book when it comes to targets, who might be good or bad – she has sex with them.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

The New York Times
The Atlantic