Jennifer Lawrence Attacks Perez Hilton for Nude Photo Decision

Jennifer LAwrence

Perez Hilton made the decision to share the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence last month, and she has finally attacked him for it. The entertainment gossip blogger took the images down, but only after getting plenty of views on his blog. He later apologized, but very few saw it as just poor judgment.

Lawrence recently spoke out about August’s iCloud hack, which led to hundreds of female celebrities finding their nude images online. The Hunger Games actress was one of those, and the most prolific of the lot. Her representatives admitted almost instantly that the images were hers, and that they were doing everything possible to see the hacker brought to justice. The actress chose to remain silent until the November issue of Vanity Fair, for which she was the cover story.

When speaking about Hilton, she made it clear that he did not do it out of the goodness of his heart. He removed the images simply because people were angry for his decision to post them. He used the “excuse” that he did not “think about it,” but Lawrence made it clear that that is the main issue. People are not thinking about a celebrity’s right to privacy.

During the hack, the American Hustle actress admitted that she felt violated and sexually exploited. It was a horrible moment, and she claims that it was a sex crime and not just a hack. She felt mad whenever someone said that they had looked at the images, even though she really did not want to feel that way. It was a breach of her privacy because she had never said people could look at her naked images.

Lawrence attacked Hilton’s decision to post the nude photos on his blog. It was clear that he wanted the views, because that would mean more money. The stolen images were the way to do that, because curiosity led to many people searching for them.

He later decided that he should take them down and repost them with modifications to protect the most private of areas. However, Hilton later decided to take them down completely. This was shortly after Lawrence’s reps said that they would prosecute anybody who shared the images, and when they were filing take down notices since the actress held the copyright.

He claims that he was never asked by her legal team or the police to remove the images. It was a decision he made himself to protect her privacy. However, many do not agree that he wanted to protect this. He realized that members of the public were angry with his decision, especially women who agree that it was the celebrities’ rights to have those photos and the hacker should never have posted them in the first place.

At the moment, the 24-year-old’s legal team is trying to get the images removed from Google search results. That is proving difficult, due to websites changing domain names to put the images back in the results. Lawrence has not attacked Google for its work, but did attack Hilton in Vanity Fair for his poor decision to post the nude photos when they were released.

By Alexandria Ingham


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