Khloe Kardashian: Robert Kardashian Is Not Her Biological Father

kardashianOver the past few years, there have been several questions regarding Khloe Kardashian’s true paternity. It has become pretty obvious that Robert Kardashian is not her biological father, despite the fact that he treated her as his own and raised her as his daughter. Kris Jenner had a few affairs back in the 80s, however, she is still claiming that Robert is Khloe’s father. Well, since many people marked her as a pathological liar, it is very difficult to believe any word that comes out of her mouth.

The fact is that there is a pile of evidence that proves Kris’ infidelity and she even admitted that she had an affair with Alex Roldan. Furthermore, this happened just around the time that she became pregnant with Khloe. At that point, Kris and Robert were already estranged, regardless of whether they got together later or not. Even more, it was not only physically impossible for Robert to be Khloe’s father, but he even admitted that to his close friends. However, despite the fact that Robert reportedly knew and accepted the fact that Khloe was not his biological daughter, he agreed to raise her as his own daughter. There are pages from his diary that confirm this, plus, Khloe’s own physical appearance confirms it also.

Out of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloe is the only one who does not have the same Kardashian puffy features. Her complexion is lighter, her features are much softer and she basically resembles Alex Roldan quite of a lot more than she resembles Robert Kardashian. Furthermore, Kris does not allow Khloe to take a DNA test, so she is giving people all the more reason why they do not believe her. Kris reportedly does not want the media scrutiny that will come along with a DNA test, however, this is quite questionable, since the Kardashians love their publicity.

The whole paternity thing was brought up during Kris’ interview on Beyond Candid with Giuliana, where mother Kardashian jokingly tried to diffuse the rumors regarding her affair with Alex Roldan, by saying that when Khloe came out, she looked exactly like Robert’s mom. Well, surely, babies actually resemble their parents and grandparents when they are born and covered in blood and placenta.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the evidence all point to Alex Roldan being Khloe’s real father, some new reports claim that OJ Simpson is Khloe’s father. This may not be completely impossible, since Kris and OJ were in fact rumored to have had an affair around that time, which would fit the timeline of Khloe’s birth. So, it seems like Kris had a lot of fun with other men while she was in fact still married to Robert. The question is, does Kris even know who Khloe’s biological father is?

Despite the fact that Kris Jenner is constantly claiming that Khloe Kardashian is really a Kardashian, rumors and claims about Khloe’s true paternity will most likely continue until a DNA test is done. However, since mother Kardashian persistently prohibits her daughter to take it, the name of Khloe’s biological father will probably remain a secret forever.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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