Kris Jenner Perfect Manager for Selena Gomez

kris jenner

Kris Jenner will likely prove to be the perfect business manager for Selena Gomez. She and Gomez hit it off last month after Fashion Week in Paris, so much so that, as reported by TMZ, the two shared a car from LAX after riding on the same flight in their return home. This slight gesture was a monumental move considering the previous falling out Gomez had with the Kardashian’s in which she blamed them for out-of-control party habits.

Apparently all of that is water under the airport bridge now that Gomez and Jenner have paired up to create the next stage of Gomez’s career. The wise, offensive move to a hire Jenner as her new manager could not have been better timed to by Gomez. Having managed her own children to varying levels of public notoriety, Jenner has perfected the art of personal image management. Additionally, she has proven her ability to sit at the head of the boardroom table through her many corporate business management endeavors.

Another fab Jenner trait is her ability to being truly engaged in her work, a trait cited in a Gallup 2012 report as being present in just 30% of employees in the U.S. She further embodies every trait described as being those which constitutes a great manager as identified by Gallup’s recent research study released earlier this year. The study identified key reasons why finding good managers is so rare and said that the traits required in order to be a great manager exist within only 10% of people.

These great managerial traits include the ability to motivate each and every employee to proactively take action, the ability to engage with employees and compel them toward the completion of a mission, and creating an environment of accountability. Jenner embodies these traits in every aspect of her life from household management to business management.

Jenner is also the perfect manager for Gomez because she is able to build relationships which carry a genuine feeling of authenticity and trust. She is always a good communicator who cultivates an open dialogue and tends to present issues and topics from a level of full transparency.

Gomez will benefit from this maternal approach to career management in several ways and since a bad manager can cost a business millions of dollars per year, in the case of the brand image of a pop idol and superstar, Gomez’s repercussions could be even worse. Therefore, her recent decision to hire Jenner as her new manager, after firing her own mother from the gig, could proved to best decision she has ever made.

Thus far in the partnership, Gomez has gained advice on everything from body hair to plastic surgery. Jenner also discussed having her participate in the same physical boot camp daughter, Kim Kardashian, has been involved in. As the relationship between the new partners starts to evolve and pick up steam, there will be several opportunities for the pair to display their own level of dedication to one another. For now, Gomez can revel in the glow of her new manager, Jenner, and prepare to make changes to her persona and appearance that may help perfect her image and take her to an even higher level of pop stardom.

By Bridgette Bryant

International Business Times
Harvard Business Review

Photo by Greg Hernandez – Flickr License

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