Leo DiCaprio Changes Conservationist Climate With $2 Million Grant [Video]

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Leonardo DiCaprio changes the productivity climate for ocean conservationists with a $2 million grant donation that will be used to help protect large areas of the Arctic and Pacific Islands. DiCaprio, actor and activist for environmental issues, submitted the grant to the collaborative international fund organization, Ocean 5, in order to help stop overfishing, build marine reserves, and allow the organization to expand its initiatives.

Ocean 5, a support group for ocean conservation philanthropists, is a solid collaboration of partners who have worked together on recent projects such as the development of a Southern Cook Islands marine park and a recent trade restrictions agreement protecting endangered sharks. The organization was established in 2011 and has pioneered several conservation projects such as helping to combat illegal fishing, protecting key regions where endangered marine life exist, and sheltering the existence of many ocean species.

DiCaprio released the grant through the conservation foundation which he established in 1998 with the mission of helping protect the natural resources of the planet, preserve the environment, and ensure the protection of wildlife. In 2013, his foundation granted $3 million to help World Wildlife Fund increase the tiger population in Nepal and it also raised $38.8 million in donations at a public art auction held in Christie’s, New York.

In a statement he made announcing his intended contributions, DiCaprio said that he considers it a “sad truth” that no more than two percent of the oceans have full protection and he said that a change is needed right now. DiCaprio is leading the way to cultivating this initiative by helping Ocean 5 conservationists change the climate of what they are capable of doing by providing them with his foundation’s $2 million grant.

This contribution is yet another public move establishing DiCaprio’s commitment to taking action in helping to resolve major environmental issues and working to develop a greater understanding of climate change. It is the third donation he has made this year. While speaking at Our Ocean, the U.S. Department of State conference held in Washington in June, DiCaprio pledged that his foundation would be contributing $7 million to ocean conservation.The following month, he hosted a gala in St. Tropez. It was a star-studded benefit that raised over $25 million in support of protecting the environment. Guests at the gala included Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Bono, and Robin Thicke.

DiCaprio also spoke at the United Nations’ Climate Summit, held at their headquarters in New York. “I am not a scientist,” he said during the summit and he concluded that he does not need to be. He said that since the scientific community has already spoken and advised the public of potential harms and dangers, there is now only the need to act and the time to act is now.

Last month, he received a prestigious honor bestowed by the UN as he was named a Messenger of Peace. Over recent years, DiCaprio has been trailblazing efforts and supporting legislative moves to help increase awareness and cultivate a sense of urgency regarding the need to take measured steps on climate change and his recent $2 million grant is just what conservationists need in order to help them continue their efforts.

by Bridgette Bryant

Reuter’s UK
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  1. Ace Carter   October 20, 2014 at 3:37 am

    I have always thought DeCaprio couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag…

    NOW I will BOYCOTT all of his movies for surporting these stupid fishing closures that DON’T IMPROVE FISH STOCKS…

    Movies today are really bad and so are FEEL GOOD but do nothing helpful, movie stars who NEVER go out on the ocean and spend all their time on sets pretending to be real…

    Keep going to the movies folks and supporting these enviro-loons and their crazy schemes that don’t work…


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