Once Upon a Time: White Out (Recap/Review)

once upon a timeWith each week that passes, Storybrooke is getting chillier. Once Upon a Time continues to develop the story of Elsa and White Out episode brought some new characters, who may be crucial for finding Anna.

As Elsa finds her sister’s necklace, she is now convinced that Anna must be somewhere in Storybrooke. She will not allow anyone to leave town until she is together with her sister again, so she makes a giant ice wall on the road from Storybrooke.

Back in the past, Anna did in fact arrive to the Enchanted Forrest and surprise, surprise, she finds a place to sleep at Charming’s barn. Anna tells Charming that she is on a secret mission and instead of revealing her real name, she introduces herself as Joan.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry tries to help Regina to get over her breakup, so he plans a movie night for the two of them. However, black bird brings a note, saying that his mother still needs some time alone. Henry is devastated by the fact that his mother does not want to see him and Emma cannot comfort him.

The entire town loses electricity, because Elsa’s ice wall ruins one of the transformers. David calls Emma and as they arrive to the scene, they discover the wall. Hook also joins them and they wonder what or who could have caused that.

Grumpy, Happy and Granny knock at Mary Margaret’s door and they ask her how will she save the problem with electricity. She is confused, since Regina is supposed to be the mayor of this town, but the dwarfs tell her that it is her curse, so she is the mayor now. Since they all helped Mary Margaret to get her kingdom back, she should rule it now.

Hook makes a joke about having a second date with Emma. Since she looks confused, he tells her that the snow monster was their first date and this is now the second one. As Emma decides to take a closer look at the wall, David tells Hook that they still did not talk about his intentions with his daughter. Hook replies that whatever will happen between the two of them is up to Emma as much as it is up to him. However, he would never do anything to hurt her. Emma goes inside the wall and she sees Elsa. They start talking and Elsa tells the Savior about her sister.

Things at the Enchanted Forrest do not go well, since Charming and his mother receive a visit from a local warlord, named Bo Peep. She comes to collect her payment and since Charming has no money, she brands them all and tells them that she will return tomorrow and if they do not pay, they will forever be her slaves. Anna tells Charming that he should not give up and she offers to teach him how to fight with a sword.

Emma is still talking to Elsa, when David interrupts them. Elsa gets scared, so she creates another ice storm and both her and Emma are now trapped inside the wall. Hook and David fail to break the ice, so they try to find another solution. David calls Emma on the radio and Elsa tells him that he must find Anna, or she will freeze the whole town, with everyone inside. During her conversation with Elsa, Emma realizes that the queen of Arendelle cannot control her powers. She tells her that she has magic too and just like her, she does not know how to control it either. Elsa confesses that Anna can help her control it, so they must find her before it is too late.

David and Hook come to Gold’s shop and they tell him about Anna’s necklace. Belle has a picture of it and as soon as David sees it, he knows who Anna is. He remembers seeing that necklace in the past.

Despite Anna’s efforts back in the past, Charming decides that he will not fight back. When he goes into the barn to say goodbye to Anna, he finds Bo Peep there, with Anna’s necklace in her hands. Much to Peep’s surprise, Charming does fight back and he succeeds. He takes back the necklace and Peep’s shepherd’s crook, which then helps him find Anna.

David now knows who Anna is, so he and Hook pay a visit to Bo Peep, who works as a butcher now. Since Anna is branded, David orders Hook to find the shepherd’s crook. Emma is freezing to death and her father immediately rushes back to the wall. He tells Elsa that she must find a way out or they will both die. When she replies that she will survive, David uses Anna’s words and tells Elsa that survival is not enough and that she has to live. Elsa realizes that David knew her sister and he admits that Anna is the one who helped him to become the man he is today. Elsa focuses and she successfully melts some ice, so she and Emma are able to get out.

Mary Margaret is trying to fix the electricity issue and she is not doing so well. After she takes her anger out on Happy, Grumpy and Granny, she is still not able to bring the power back. However, with some help from little Neal, she releases the fuel supplies and voila, let there be light.

Anna is saying goodbye to Charming’s mother and before she leaves, she asks her if she knows anyone who could give her some advice about magic. The old lady does not want to say the name out loud, so she writes it on a piece of paper. It looks like she sent Anna to no one else but Rumpelstiltskin, who is already watching Anna in his crystal ball.

Elsa and David are trying to locate Anna with the help of the shepherd’s crook, but nothing happens. However, just as Elsa thinks that her sister may be dead, they hear a heartbeat. Since they now know that Anna is alive, David promises Elsa that they will help her find her sister, because this is what this family does. They never give up. Henry gets motivated by his grandfather’s speech, so he pays Regina a visit. He tells her that she may give up on herself, but he will never give up on her.

It looks like Emma and Elsa really bonded in that wall. They go back to the wall, because Elsa now knows that people in Storybrooke will help her find her sister, so she does not need the wall anymore. However, as she tries to take it down, the wall does not move at all. Emma is wondering what could be keeping the wall up, since Elsa is the only one with this kind of magic. Well, at least they all think that she is the only one. As Grumpy buys himself some ice cream, another new character is presented. The woman, who is selling the ice cream, seems to possess the same magic as Elsa, since she freezes everything around her with the touch of her hand.

With everything that happened in White Out episode, it now seems like Elsa will not be the villain after all. Despite some incidents with ice at the beginning, she now made friends with some people in Storybrooke, who are willing to help her find her sister. So Elsa has no reason to go all ice-cold on people in Storybrooke. However, that ice cream woman looks very strange and judging by her twisted smile, it seems like she has some hidden agenda. The first two episodes of Once Upon a Time were cold, but it looks like it will get even colder in the good old Storybrooke.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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