Revenge: Ashes (Recap/Review)

revengeAfter the previous episode of Revenge, it was quite clear that Charlotte completely lost it, as she burned down the Stowaway, with Emily inside. However, since she is the main character of the show, it was more than obvious that Mrs. Thorne will survive the deadly fire.

Episode three, titled Ashes, starts at the Stowaway, where the firefighters are battling with the fire. As Jack comes there, he runs inside, because he wants to save at least something. However, when he starts collecting some of the photos, he sees Emily, who is still unconsciously lying on the floor. When he brings her out, Charlotte is shocked to see that her sister survived and she runs away.  When the police officers ask her what happened, Emily says that she smelt the smoke and she went to see if she can put out the fire. Also, she does not tell the truth when she tells the policeman that nobody else was there.

David and Victoria break into some remote house, however, Vicky plans on going to the city the next day, in order to get some money so that they can get a place of their own. When David tells her that he will go with her, Victoria tells him that it is better if he lies low for the moment, because she is not ready to share him just yet. Vicky meets Daniel at his hotel, but he is quite angry at her, because he still believes that she ran away from the problems and that she had fun all this time. Vicky does not tell him the truth, however, she asks him if he has some extra money, since all of her bank accounts are frozen. Her son tells her that they are broke and Vicky replies that she will make their family whole again. As Daniel leaves, the camera shows Louise, Vicky’s roommate from the mental hospital. It looks like she got out and she is now following Victoria. When she catches up on her in the middle of the street, Vicky acts like she is glad to see her free, however, she tells Louise that her children need her and that there is nothing that she can do for her right now. Louise is disappointed, but judging from the look on her face, she is definitely planning something.

Nolan visits Emily at the Grayson manor and he tells her that Victoria emerged. However, he is surprised when Ems does not react and she tells him that she has some other things to take care of. Jack is at the Stowaway, when one of the neighbors comes over to apologize for saying that no one is in the building. Jack is surprised when this man tells him that a young woman told him so. When he describes her, Jack immediately knows that he is talking about Charlotte. He sends a message to Emily, who comes over and Jack confronts her with the facts he has. He wants to know what was Charlotte doing there and Ems tells him the whole story. However, she asks him not to tell the truth to the authorities, because Charlotte is like that just because of her.

Meanwhile, Victoria visits her daughter, who tells her that Emily is in fact Amanda. Furthermore, Charlotte admits that she tried to kill her sister and now she is afraid that she will come after her. Vicky tells her that she does not have to be afraid, because they will protect her. When her daughter asks her who is she referring to, Victoria tells her that her real father, David Clarke, is alive. In fact, Vicky decides that it is time that the two of them finally meet, so she takes Charlotte with her. David is overwhelmed when he sees his daughter, however, Charlotte gets quite upset when her mother starts telling lies about her. Vicky says that Charlotte is the one, who set a trap for Conrad when he confessed to everything and that she is the one who cleared his name.

Emily comes to the house where Victoria and David are, because she is looking for Charlotte. Vicky has no idea how she found them, however, she greets Ems on the porch, with a shotgun in her hands. Emily is addressing Charlotte and she tells her that she is sorry and that she will not tell the truth about what happened at the Stowaway. And even though she does not come out of the house, Charlotte hears everything. Vicky is afraid that David will return, since he only went to the forest to bring some wood for the fireplace. Emily sees that something is going on and she tells Vicky that she can just shoot her right there. However, Victoria tells her that she owes her much more than a quick death. Emily leaves and when she is back at the Grayson manor, she has a conversation with Nolan. She tells him that Vicky is planning something and she could tell by the way she talked that she knows something that Ems does not.

Daniel is at the hotel bar, drinking again. It seems like nobody wants to give him a job, because he is a Grayson. Furthermore, he just got kicked out of his hotel room, since he did not pay for almost two months. Despite the fact that he rekindled his romance with Margaux, he flirts with Louise, who approaches him at the bar. She obviously has a plan and she starts seducing poor Daniel, who is probably just a toy, a part of Louis’ plan.

Victoria goes to the town again and this time she visits Margaux. It seems like Vicky really needs some money, since she starts telling Margaux that she has always considered her as a daughter of her own. Poor Victoria almost starts crying when she admits that they cannot access their money because of Conrad. Of course, she acts all humble when Margaux offers her money and she says that she will accept it, but only as a loan.

The last minutes of the Ashes episode were dedicated to Emily and David, who came to the Grayson manor. Emily is sleeping in her bedroom and David sneaks in. However, Nolan has cameras all over the house and despite the fact that they are not working quite properly yet, he sees something. David approaches Emily and he is holding a knife in his hand. Emily’s father stops when he sees her face and it looks like he is a little bit confused. Well, Emily’s best friend comes to the rescue, but David escapes. And the sad fact is that Emily had no idea that this was her father.

Well, the creators of Revenge sure know how to keep the show tense, since David still thinks that his daughter is dead and Emily has no idea that her father is still alive. Just when it looked like they will finally meet, the viewers were left empty-handed. However, despite the fact that it was a great episode, it left a bitter-sweet feeling, since the moment of father-daughter reunion keeps slipping away. They had two great opportunities, but somehow they missed both of them. Will they finally be reunited in the next episode?

By: Janette Verdnik


3 Responses to "Revenge: Ashes (Recap/Review)"

  1. Michele   October 21, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Great episode, but the actress who plays Victoria – acting is getting terrible, low budget drama terrible. Also, you only need to cock a shotgun once. Obviously no one knows how to use a shotgun.

  2. Janette Verdnik   October 15, 2014 at 2:40 am

    Season 4 will air in January 2015 in UK.

  3. Karen   October 14, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    I live in the UK. Any idea when we get the new season?


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