Rumors of Facebook and Samsung Working on a Smartphone Still Exist


Though rumors have been going around for years about Facebook making a phone, that’s mostly for the purpose of Facebook apps, the rumors that they are working with Samsung to develop said phone, still exist. Though they have supposedly collaborated with companies before to create the Facebook phone, those collaborations never lead to a definite result, something that they are hoping to achieve with their relationship with Samsung. Though the current collaboration with Samsung, is said to only be in the talking stage at this point.

Though many of FB’s recent purchases and collaborations have had the phone companies worried, as many of these have lead to things like the buying of apps that allow free messaging and phones that allow users to communicate without these companies, their newest partnership is scaring the phone companies even more, though it is still only believed to be rumor at this point.

The rumor, however, is not whether or not FB is looking to work with Samsung, but rather the most recent innovation that they want Samsung to help them with. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has met with Vice Chairman Lee Jay-yong of Samsung at their headquarters in Seoul. Though sources say that the partnership that is being established between Zuckerberg and Jay-yong will lead to much more than a FB smartphone.

Accordingly, it is said that they are working on things like ‘virtual reality headsets’ (as Facebook now owns Oculus and that was one of their inventions). But the speculation, as well, has been that their recent meeting could also be about creating the smartphone that FB has been hoping to create. The Korea Herald stated, that the meeting between the two raised speculation that a smartphone gadget could soon be revealed with collaboration between the two companies.

For years, FB initially tried to create a smartphone that was more oriented towards their apps, that made it much easier for users to post more quickly and conveniently, in addition to making it easier for them to communicate with other users through the apps. Some of these phones included collaborations with HTC like the HTC ChaCha, a phone in which the FB button was top of the apps for quick posting, and the HTC First that used a FB operating system, which was an extra layer of software, created on top of the Android.

But this time HTC is out of the picture and Samsung is in, a move that critics are saying is a mistake on Samsung’s part. Brad Reed of BGR reviewed in his article that, though Samsung has not been doing very well lately, getting in bed with FB could be a mistake. He wrote that he had a hard time believing that Samsung would help Facebook create a smartphone that featured their “Android overlay,” the FB operating system, in which user’s home screen was replaced with nothing but Facebook content. Many others agree with this idea, especially those who have, in the past, disagreed with all of Mark Zuckerberg’s purchases of other companies and products.

Though as mentioned, phone companies are the businesses that are disliking FB’s moves the most, as they stand the most to lose if the social media kings take over the cellular industry with their smartphones, what’s apps, FB apps and more.

For now, the information on the meeting was private and collaboration between Samsung and Facebook for the work of a smartphone is still just a rumor.

By Crystal Boulware


Business Insider