Supernatural 200th Episode Takes a Musical Path


Many shows like to add a musical episode, and Supernatural has hinted it is taking that path for its 200th episode. This milestone episode is titled Fan Fiction, and has the Winchester brothers going back to school.

The brothers are searching for answers to the mysterious disappearance of a teacher. They soon learn that the school is doing a musical on their lives, adding music and dance to the episode. While the details of the musical have not yet been shared, many Supernatural fans will be creating the link to season four’s humorous episode where the brothers find out there are books being written about their lives.

Chuck Shirley, played by Rob Benedict, created a series of books called Supernatural. The books took his readers through the very lives of Dean and Sam Winchester. No detail was left out, and it led to the two finding out all about fan fiction. Later, they found out that Becky, played by Emily Perkins, published the remaining unpublished works online after Chuck’s death. These stories may be the ones that the students are using for their musical.

Fans may be happy to hear about the way the music is being added to the show. Many may have worried that a musical demon was coming to turn the world into a whole music, which is how Buffy the Vampire Slayer managed it. Fans have been trying to guess what could happen when the news of a musical episode was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

Supernatural’s 200th episode will take a musical path in a semi-normal way. It will certainly be fun to see the brothers’ reactions when they realize that people love the books.

The episode follows the show getting back to its roots. In episode four, the brothers are back together, hunting things and saving lives. They are searching for a werewolf who is killing innocent people, and fear that a werewolf they previously allowed to live is the reason for all this.

Previously, the brothers have been against each other. During episodes one to three of Supernatural season 10, Sam was trying to save his demon brother. Dean had died in the season nine finale and came back as a demon. He left with Crowley, and was now hurting others to satisfy the Mark of Cain. That is still likely to come back to haunt them, but for now it seems the writers want to add some of the original fun into the show.

Fan Fiction is certainly the way to do that. It is something that many fans will be able to relate to, and something that adds some normality to the show. It is also a homage to fans, who have stuck with the show for the last 200 episodes; a milestone that many shows fail to reach.

The episode airs on November 11, and is the fifth episode of the season. It means the show is getting a week break between this week’s episode and the next one, giving fans something to look forward to with a musical path for the 200th episode of Supernatural.

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  1. sharon   November 13, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    I was not thrilled with the 200th, sorry, however I always love supernatural, will continue to watch it as long as it’s on. Love the boys, and the cast always.

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