Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1: Black [Recap]


Supernatural season 10 episode one kicked off on Tuesday night, and was titled Black. It certainly made sense just looking at the way season nine ended. Dean Winchester was left as a black-eyed demon, after his death at the hand of Metatron. It was something Crowley was aware of, and was going to use to his full advantage.

The question was whether Crowley, played by Mark Shepherd, was ever going to control the new Dean. This was not just a demon walking around in Dean’s “meat suit” as Supernatural calls it. This was Dean really back as a demon, and he was certainly not going to tap into his human side.

The episode started with Sam torturing demons to get more answers. He needed to know where his brother was, who had decided to leave after coming back as a demon. Sam is not willing to just let his brother go, though.

Castiel would help, but his stolen grace is getting weaker by the day. It is not clear just how much time he has left, but Misha Collins has already spoken about how his character will put the Winchester brothers first before his own life. At the moment, that does not seem to be the case, but there is a lot going on in Heaven now that Metatron’s betrayal has been revealed. He also needs to get all the angels back in Heaven, but not all want to go back “home.”

It is clear that Sam believes that his brother’s body has been possessed. However, a quick phone call to Crowley reveals that this really is Dean. The new demon Winchester wants to party and have fun, and Crowley is the man to do that with.

The Black in the title of Supernatural season 10 episode one connects to Dean’s black eyes, but Sam’s dark hole that his brother has left. The younger Winchester has certainly taken a darker path as he searches for answers and to get his brother back. Sam’s darkness is clear during the episode when he makes it clear that he will do anything to see Crowley dead for good.

Dean, on the other hand, is having fun. There is a connection to the first ever episode of Supernatural, with Dean and Crowley using the “Jerk,” “Bitch” callback that only the brothers ever did with each other. It is something that has been missing from recent seasons, but shows just how close the two have gotten.

Of course, Dean also has the First Blade with him, and constantly uses that to attack any demon that comes his way. There are plenty of them who want vengeance for Abaddon, who he killed with the exact same blade at the end of the last season. It seems there is a little more control over the blade now that he is a demon.

At the end of the episode, an alleged hunter turns up called Cole. He never liked Dean, and now that Dean is a demon he wants him dead. Sam becomes the bargaining chip, and the elder Winchester brother takes the bait. At least, that is the way that it seems with the closing credits of episode one of Supernatural’s tenth season, Black.

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  1. Sharon   October 8, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    I loved the first episode except for Hanna, I like her but here she is wanting to kill the angels that don’t want to go back to heaven but she wouldn’t let Metatron be killed for all the horrible things he did???????

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