Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3: Soul Survivor [Recap/Review]


Supernatural’s third episode of season 10, Soul Survivor, made it clear that Demon Dean is gone, and many fans will admit that it was an anticlimactic end to a promising storyline. While many wanted their loveable Dean Winchester back eventually, doing it three episodes into the 10th season was a bad idea.

Hopefully, it is just a ruse. Demon Dean is somewhere deep down inside there, and will come back later in the season. It could be something that Crowley was expecting to happen, and knows how to get his best friend back. There was no hint that that would happen, but maybe there was a little foreshadowing right at the end.

Jensen Ackles was doing an amazing job playing a demon on Supernatural, without getting too blood thirsty. It was clear he just wanted to have fun; something that he human Dean was never able to do.

The show kicked off with curing Dean, and it had to be the way that Sam had learned to cure demons in season eight. Purified blood was all that was needed to save his brother, and it certainly worked. The difference with Dean is the injections of blood cause him physical pain, unlike any other demon. It leads to Sam calling Castiel, who makes it clear that this is the only option to save his brother.

It soon becomes clear that the line between good and evil is thin even for someone who is not a demon. The third episode of Supernatural season 10, Soul Survivor, finally explained who Sam was torturing in the season premiere. It was the crossroads demon that made the deal with Lester from the previous episode. Sam had lured Lester to make the deal, believing the crossroads demon would give up Crowley’s location.

Crowley is dealing with no Dean, and it appears he is up to something. The first sign is that he gave Castiel some more stolen grace to get him back on track for now. That came from Adina, who wanted blood for Daniel being killed in the last episode of Supernatural.

Dean does escape, though. Supernatural cannot make it too easy for the Winchester brothers. It gives the two brothers a chance to fight, but Dean is closer to being human now, so Sam wins. It also helps that Castiel comes in just at the right time.

While Castiel believes the brothers will get through this, it is certainly going to cause problems. Thinking back to when Sam lost his soul, there will be questions over how much Dean can be trusted right now. Dean will also hate the thought that he almost killed his brother, and probably would have done had it not been for that last injection of purified blood.

There is still the question of why the writers got rid of Demon Dean so quickly. There is also the question of what it means with the Mark of Cain and no knife to satisfy the mark. This could be the way season 10 of Supernatural goes after the anticlimactic end to Demon Dean in episode three, Soul Survivor.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham