The Vampire Diaries Bans Nikki Reed From Set?

The Vampire Diaries

Has Nikki Reed been banned from The Vampire Diaries set? That is the speculation after reports show that producers worry about Nina Dobrev leaving the show because of her. However, there is no confirmation as of yet.

Reed is dating The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder, and has been for a few months. Their relationship has blossomed quickly, and she regularly shows up on the set in Atlanta. The two have reportedly moved in with each other in the city so she can be close to him while he is filming. The problem is Dobrev, who previously dated her co-star.

While the two seemed to have a good breakup and can continue working together, the constant public display of affection between Reed and Somerhalder is getting too much. Guardian Liberty Voice has already reported that Dobrev is possibly leaving the show after this season partially due to this. There are other reasons for the 25-year-old to leave the set, including the fact that she has a promising movie career ahead of her.

Producers worry that she will try to break her contract, though, and nobody can really blame her. Her contract, along with the contracts of co-stars Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, are up at the end of this season. Nobody has yet signed any new contracts to say that they will stay for a seventh season. Producers are ready for that, but not for her to try to get out of her current contract. They do not think the show would survive without her.

It has led to the possible only option for The Vampire Diaries producers, and that is to ban Reed from the set. This would also make things more comfortable for everyone else. The PDA is not just affecting Dobrev, according to sources.

The producers seem to have already worked around the fact that Dobrev and Somerhalder are no longer dating. At the end of season five, their characters said goodbye to each other in a sort of way. Damon, played by Somerhalder, died and Dobrev’s Elena had no choice but to try and move on. The start of season six saw her say goodbye completely, by getting guardian and Original Vampire Alaric to make her forget all about her love for him.

The two have had minimal scenes together since that first episode, and are now not even in the same world. Damon is stuck in some loop in the 1990s, while Elena is moving on with her life just outside of Mystic Falls.

CW, the network airing The Vampire Diaries, does not likely want to lose the show. It is one of the best performers, so they will try everything to keep it going into a seventh season. This is not likely to happen considering without Elena the show simply would not work. The producers need to do something to convince her to stay now and sign on for at least one more year. At the moment is seems like all The Vampire Diaries producers can do is possibly ban Reed from the set to make it more comfortable for all.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. aria   October 19, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    This is not true, and has been debunked. Also I highly doubt that they would tick of Ian somerhalder like that, which has every right to bring his GF just like everyone else does, including Nina. , who did so to and I diden’t hear Ian whine to quit in season 5. , Ian is TVD and has not signed on yet for next year , if they want a season 7 they need him, or almost nobody would be watching

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