The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: ‘I’ll Remember’ [Spoilers]

The Vampire Diaries

Episode one of The Vampire Diaries season six is finally here, and the episode I’ll Remember is well worth a recap. It was full of answers that many have had since the release of various trailers and spoilers for the season. Some of these questions included what job Stefan would have and just how Elena was coping without both Bonnie and Damon in her life.

It seems like all the various The Vampire Diaries characters are dealing with the situation in different ways. Caroline has left college and is focusing on ways to break the Traveler’s magic in Mystic Falls. She just wants to go back home. However, Elena and Tyler want her to go back to college, and do the research on the side.

Elena certainly is not coping in the most conventional way. She has her hands on a witchy drug, and is using that to hallucinate Damon. She wants him back, but is running out. On top of that, she is off the blood bags and feeding in the traditional way for vampires. Her latest victim escapes though and makes it to the magic-free Mystic Falls. It will be up to Sheriff Forbes and Matt to pick up the pieces of that one.

As for Matt, he is certainly enjoying a magic-free hometown. However, he is also helping Jeremy pick up the pieces, who is sleeping with as many girls as possible to get over the loss of Bonnie. Many expected him to turn to drugs considering the way the show started six years ago.

Moving on in the recap for The Vampire Diaries season six, episode one, called I’ll Remember, is how Stefan is coping. It seems all he wants is to move on, and he’s doing that by taking up a surprising job. No, it is not taking up his doppelganger’s job as a paramedic. He has become a mechanic. It certainly makes sense considering his love for vintage cars.

The younger Salvatore brother has also got a new girlfriend, who complains about him hiding secrets. It is unclear just how much he has told her about his past, but one thing is for certain; she does not believe in the supernatural. Stefan tells her that he’s a vampire, and she does not believe him.

The Vampire Diaries fans were delighted to see that Alaric was returning, and he’s already compelled his way into Whitmore College to become a professor. He is also helping Caroline find a way to reverse the magic on Mystic Falls, so he can go back home too.

However, in the end he admits to Elena that he hates what he now is. At the end of season three, he became a new Original Vampire to help take down the other Originals. However, he was killed off before he was able to carry out his plan because Elena died. Now he is back, he is still an Original Vampire.

Elena plans to use this to her advantage. Her final request of the season is to make Damon disappear for good. All she wants is to forget everything about loving Damon, in the hope that it will help her move on. The new question after this recap of I’ll Remember, episode one of The Vampire Diaries season six, is whether Alaric will agree.

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