‘The Voice’ Winner Sister Cristina’s Epic Version of ‘Like a Virgin’ [Video]

The Voice
The Voice
of Italy named Sister Cristina Scuccia the 2014 winner of the show, and she takes on Madonna’s Like a Virgin, and belts out an epic ballad. In her first single the angelic vocals of this reality singing competition star does an amazing job singing this hit song, and only eliminated one word. She states that the lyrics are about the “capacity of love” and that it can “make people new again.” The song bird states that reading the words without any prior influence gives them a meaning that she can get behind.

Although the two versions of the song could not be more different, making it a ballad and sung by a nun in her habit, it certainly takes on new meaning. After winning The Voice Italy, Sister Cristina began working on her first album which is due out next month. Like a Virgin is her first single, and like Madonna, it is set in Venice Italy, and has just a few scenes in the video where the singing takes place next to the same landmarks. The singing nun is from Sicily and has served the lord in the capacity of a nun since she was in her twenties.

At just 21 she became a novice in her quest to serve the Lord, and in 2013 she won a Christian singing competition. Now thanks to The Voice, she is a signed recording artist for Universal. She has however taken a vow of poverty and states that all money made from her records will be donated to church’s to help fund their community activities. A noble quest, and judging by her voice and her fan base, it will be quite lucrative for those houses of God that she deems fit to bequest the money.

The video shows Sister Cristina in and around Venice sans the pearls and lions that the original video boasted. She wowed the judges and audience alike when singing a modern pop song by Alicia Keys, No OneĀ on Italy’s The Voice. She knew she had a gift that she wanted to share with the world, and after her first win in the Christian singing competition, The Voice seemed like a logical progression to her. With a blind audition, the judges begin with their backs to the contestants, and turn around only if they like the voice. Imagine their surprise when turning to find a young, slightly built nun belting out the Alicia Keys hit. The young nun was accompanied by four sisters from the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, of which Sister Cristina is a member.

Not only is this young talented nun a hit in Italy she is also trending on Twitter due in part to Cardinal Gianfronco Ravasi for using the hashtag #suorcristina. The Cardinal hit the social network to praise the sister for sharing her gift, and that everyone should use their gifts for serving others. The Pontifical Council for Culture is the home for the Cardinal, their president, and he along with her success on The Voice, has made Sister Cristina even more popular world-wide.

by Kristi Cereska

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