The Walking Dead: ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ [Recap]

The Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead tonight, the episode was called Four Walls and a Roof. Sheriff Rick Grimes and the band of survivors he leads were still on their way to Washington, D.C., but they also were in search of shelter and the people of Terminus were still stalking them, picking off one person at a time to eat. Oh, yeah — and there were walkers galore, as usual, to contend with.

What is the mysterious secret that Father Gabriel Stokes has, and why did someone scratch “You Will Burn for This” into the paint of the outside wall of his church? Perhaps Four Walls and a Roof will reveal some of the answers to these questions.

The Walking Dead began with scenes of walkers juxtaposed with scenes of the Terminus people chowing down on meat they cut off of Bob. Gareth, the Terminus leader, said to Bob, “There was going to be a choice — join us, or feed us.” He said that he cam e close to catching Carol, but she rode off in a car with Daryl. He also said that he thought that that pretty girl, Sasha, would probably taste good.

Bob laughed and called them “Idiots” and said that he was “tainted meat” because he had been bitten. He kept yelling “I’m tainted meat!” as if the joke was on them. Gareth said it was all right, as they had cooked Bob; but, some of the Terminus people did not appear to be reassured by his words.

Sasha was out with a gun at night, searching for Bob, and she dispatched a couple of walkers. Then, Tyreese and Rick showed up to help her.

Back inside the church, on The Walking Dead, Sasha asked Father Gabriel “What are you doing? There’s a connection. You show up and now three of us are missing. Where are our people?” she yelled.

Father Gabriel protested that “I didn’t have anything to do with this.”

Sheriff Rick Grimes asked him “Why did someone write the words ‘You’re going to burn for this?’ on your church?”

Father Gabriel said that he locked the doors of the church at night. People pounded on the outside of the church, screaming and calling out his name “begging me for mercy and damning me to Hell,” he explained. He would not let them inside for fear that the walkers would also get in.

“I always locked the doors,” he said, crying.

On The Walking Dead, Sheriff Rick and the others notice that there is someone lying on the grass outside. Going out, they realize it is Bob, with the stub of his leg bandaged up. Rick also sees a big “A” scratched into the paint, and wonders what it means. Then, The Walking Dead went to the second commercial break of the episode.

Bob tells the group of survivors that he was in a graveyard and then woke up to see Gareth and the other Terminus people eating his leg, and said that they were really “proud” of what they had done.

Rick asked if he had seen Carol and Daryl, and he told them that Gareth had said that they “drove off.”

Father Gabriel said “There’s a sofa in my office. I know it isn’t much, but….”

Sasha told him “Thank you,” and they took Bob into the office. Sergeant Ford siad that they needed to “leave right now.” He said that “anyone who wanted to come, could.” Sheriff Rick told him they were not going to go without Carol and Daryl.

Glenn tried to convince Ford and his small group to stay. Tara said that if they just stayed one more day, that would be enough and they would then all go.

On The Walking Dead, Sergeant Ford told Eugene that they would go, though Eugene said he did not want to.

Rick said “You’re not going to take the bus,” and Ford said “Try to stop me.”

Ford eventually agreed to stay for “a half day. twelve hours, and then we go,” he said.

Bob said to Sasha “Being kicked in my face made me forget the pain in my leg and my side. Two good things.”

Sasha asked him “Why didn’t you tell me that it happened?”

Bob answered her “Because I knew that if I told you, it would all be about the end. And, I really like the middle.”

When The Walking Dead came back from the break, Rick and the others talk about a plan to stop the people of Terminus from stalking them and taking anybody else to eat. Tyreese told Bob “The time you have with him — you can’t throw away. I wish I had that with Karen.”

Tyreese told Sasha that she should “forgive him.”

Sasha gave Tyreese a knife and said “If he stops breathing, you put it through his temple.”

Sheriff Rick and some of the other survivors on The Walking Dead left the church to go on a hunting expedition of their own. It could be that they will perhaps circle back and surprise Gareth and his gang if they tried to enter the church.

Gareth and his buddies did just that on The Walking Dead. They approached the church and broke in the door Gareth said “Well, I guess you know we’re here. And, you know that we’re here. And we’re armed. there’s real no point in hiding anymore. We’ve been watching you. We know you’re here. There’s Bob, unless you put him out of his misery. There’s Tyreese, Carl, Judith. Rick and the rest walked right out, with a lot of your guns. Listen, we don’t know where you all are, but this isn’t a big place.”

“Look, you’re behind one of these two doors. We have more than enough fire power to take down both. Father, you can walk right out and take the baby with you. What do you say?” Baby Judith started to cry then and gave away where the survivors were. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

After the commercial break on The Walking Dead, Gareth said “You have your last chance, right now, to tell us you’re coming out.”

Rick shot a couple of them in the head. “Put your guns on the floor,” he said. Sergeant Ford came out of the shadows with his gun, also Gareth got shot in the hand.

Gareth said “No point in begging, right?”

Rick said “No.”

Gareth said “We were trying to help people. Things changed.” He was kneeling down. “You don’t know what it is to be hungry. You don’t have to do this We can walk away and we will never cross paths again. I promise you.”

Rick told him “I already made a promise with you. ” He pulled out his machete and killed Gareth, then Sergeant Ford and the others that had gone with Rick killed the other Terminus people.

“It could have been us,” he told Sasha. While she realizes this, the carnage is still pretty shocking. “This is the Lord’s house,” Father Gabriel said on The Walking Dead.

“No. It’s just four walls and a roof,” Sasha said.

“I just wanted to say thank you,” Bob said on The Walking Dead. “I didn’t know there was any good people left. You took people in,” Bob told Rick. He also said to Rick that what he said yesterday he still was not advising, “even in light of current events.”

“Just look at her and tell me the world isn’t going to change,” he said about Judith.

“You were out,” Sasha told Bob.

“Was I?” Bob asked.

“Yes. Why were you smiling?” Sasha asked.

“I was dreaming and I thought you were smiling back at me,” he told her.

“Does anything good come out of this bad?” she asked him. Then he drew his last breath, and Sasha began to cry. Tyreese entered the room and said “Give it here.” She gave him the knife and left the room. Tyreese stood over Bob’s dead body, with the knife at the ready.

The following morning, Sasha had a cross ready and Bob was buried, then Sergeant Ford said “Let’s go,” and left with most of Rick’s band. Just Rick, Carl, Judith and Tyreese. Rick opened up a map that Ford left. Written on it was “Sorry” and words about asking him to come to Washington. Rick joined Tyreese in digging Bob’s grave.

“Can’t sleep,” Father Gabriel said to Michonne that night, going out to be with her as she sat alone on the porch of the church. Michonne heard a noise and got her sword out. Daryl came out of the woods. Michonne asked “Where’s Carol?” and Daryl said “Come on out,” and that is where the episode concluded. Though, Daryl will apparently related to Michonne that Beth is still alive, and that will be gone into further in the next week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead episode Four Walls and a Roof was another terrific addition to the series. It is true that “four walls and a roof” do not make a church, and — especially in a world overran by walkers and cannibals — violence can taint anyplace and make it seem to be less holy.

Bob finally died, but he did get in a last joke, as it was, on Gareth. He had actually been bitten by a walker, of course, and he wanted Sasha to forgive him before he died. So, two people who started out this season of The Walking Dead died during this episode — namely, Bob and Gareth. Well, and other assorted Terminus followers. In the Comments area below, please write in a guess about another regular who might not make it alive to the end of the season, and have a very Happy Halloween!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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