University of Virginia Student Missing, Parents Ask for Information

University of Virginia
Hannah on the left with brother, mother and father

It’s a parents worst nightmare. Their child goes missing and they do not know where to find them. This is the case for Sue and John Graham after their daughter, Hannah Graham, went missing a few weeks ago, with still no trace as to exactly what happened to her or where she may be found. Recently the parent’s released a video asking, emotionally, for information on their missing daughter.

The search for the missing University of Virginia student has been going on with little result. Though they caught the man, believed to be responsible for Hannah’s disappearance, there are still many questions that have not been answered. Though the parents thanked the public for all of their help and cooperation, they asked for someone to come forward on information, stating that someone still knew where their daughter was or, if they did not know directly, someone out there knew someone who did know the exact whereabouts of Hannah Graham.

Hannah Graham was a sophomore at the University of Virginia. It is said that she was attending a party with friends when she disappeared, though surveillance later showed her at a bar with her alleged kidnapper. Either way it was a normal day for Hannah Graham and her parents once stated that the only difference was that she forgot her “guardian angel” at home.

On September 13, Hannah went missing and the search began for the University of Virginia student. The parents then entered the nightmare that their 18-year-old daughter may never be found. But the Grahams are insisting that someone knows more information than is being released. Though they don’t know who is responsible for their daughter’s disappearance police officials believe that the man responsible is Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.

Jesse Matthew Jr. has been charged with Hannah Graham’s “abduction with intent to defile.” He is a former student and football linebacker of Christopher Newport University but was allegedly kicked out after only two months. He also attended Liberty University where he was kicked out after being accused of sexual assault. He was most recently a cab driver who is now accused of having several inappropriate relations with college students in the area, as well as one other case of kidnapping and murder.

Since his arrest, police officials have now linked Matthew to the previous abduction of a University of Virginia student and a couple of sexual assault cases. Police also believe that they have sufficient enough evidence to link Matthew to the abduction of University of Virginia student, Hannah Graham. Though he was never charged in any of the previous sexual assault cases, at either college that he attended, or the previous abduction case, are currently beginning procedings to charge him in the case on Graham.

Virginia State Police do, however, say that a forensic link now puts him in connection to the abduction and murder of Morgan Harrington, the University of Virginia student who went missing, and that charges may await him in the future. Harrington’s body was found on October 17, 2009, three months after she went missing.

The preliminary hearing for the case against Matthew on the abduction of Graham is set to begin December 4th but Hannah Graham’s parents have asked anyone with information to help them find their daughter as soon as possible.

By Crystal Boulware

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