Warner Brothers DC Comic Book Movies: Names and Details Released

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers Pictures has released some details about several upcoming movies, 16 in all, including the names of the 10 DC movies it will be producing or distributing. Also, the film company has plans in the works for three Harry Potter spin-off flicks and three more Lego movies.

Warner Brothers has ambitious plans, to be sure. By the look of the company’s release schedule, chock full of flicks that promise to be major blockbusters, Warner Brothers Pictures will have a lot of hits coming out in the (relatively speaking) near future.

Just this past August, the news came out that Warner Brothers had plans to release ten DC comics-based movies. However, the only name of a movie that was known at the time was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The planned release date for that movie is now March 2016. Other movies were only rumored about, as far as titles and the superheros involved went. One pretty sure bet was that a Justice League movie would be among the 10.

Now, the names of the other movies which Warner Brothers has scheduled to release is finally known. Suicide Squad will be coming out in 2016, while Wonder Woman, who will be played by actress Gal Gadot and who will first appear in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will be released in 2017. That same year, Justice League Part One will hit theaters. Zach Snyder will direct the two Justice League flicks.

Suicide Squad is a sort of A Team movie. A team of imprisoned supervillains is organized by the government. They will conduct a series of black ops missions in return for their freedom.

Then, in 2018, both The Flash and Aquaman are scheduled to be released by Warner Brothers. In 2019, both Shazam and Justice League Part Two will make their way to America’s theaters. Dwayne Johnson will play the villain, Black Adam. Then, Cyborg will get released the following year, in 2020, as will Green Lantern. Instead of the CW’s Flash, actor Grant Gustin, the movie version will feature Ezra Miller from The Perks of Being a Wallflower as the world’s fastest man.

Besides these 10 DC superhero-based movies Warner Brothers has scheduled, the studio also has plans to release three movies form the Harry Potter universe, all based on the novel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling. The book is based on a textbook Rowling writes about in the Harry Potter flicks, one written by Newt Scamander. The movies will focus on Scamander’s adventures and dealings with…fantastic beasts. The three movies have scheduled release dates of 2016, 2018, and 2020.

As if these terrific-sounding flicks were not enough, Warner Brothers also has plans to release three further Lego movies. Ninjago will come out in 2016, while in 2018, The Lego Batman Movie will be released. Then, two years later, in 2020, The Lego Movie 2 will hit theaters.

Oh, and there is also the news that Warner Brothers will also be coming out with another Superman movie and a solo Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck. The Sandman is going to be made into a movie, as well, and will star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Justice League Dark, another movie not mentioned on the schedule Warner Brothers released, will be directed by the amazing Guillermo Del Toro. Some huge blockbusters on the list of upcoming movies from Warner Brothers are headed to theaters in the near future, especially for fans of Harry Potter films and DC Comics superheroes!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Toronto Sun
Entertainment Weekly

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