Where Were Bonnie and Damon on ‘The Vampire Diaries’? [Video]

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Right at the end of The Vampire Diaries, there was a short snippet of Damon and Bonnie, and it has led to many fans questioning where they were. This was the real Damon; not the fictional, hallucination that Elena had been making up throughout the episode. Many wonder whether they are off in heaven somewhere, but would their heaven really mean the two live together and play house?

Julie Plec, executive producer of The Vampire Diaries wanted people to be left confused. She has avoided questions about them all summer after the shocking season five finale where the two were sucked into oblivion. While Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, has shown signs that he is not going anywhere and will be around for season six, may have questioned in what capacity. It seems like right now he is living a stress-free, normal life with Bonnie. It even involved pancakes and newspapers at breakfast.

Plec has admitted that there are clues within the episode titles of where they are after their demises. The first episode was called I’ll Remember, which is a hint towards Elena refusing to say goodbye to the love of her life. It could also be a hint that she wants to forget; after all, she did ask Alaric to compel every reminder that she ever loved Damon out of her.

One of the upcoming titles is Welcome to Paradise, which suggests that they are in heaven somewhere. There will be still many questioning whether being together is their version of paradise, though. That thought right there leads to more questions over where Bonnie and Damon are in The Vampire Diaries season six, and whether they can be “saved.” That is if they need to be saved.

It appears the cast have no idea what is happening with Damon and Bonnie’s storyline arc. Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena on The Vampire Diaries, admitted that she has no idea over where the two are supposed to be, and it is frustrating for them as the cast members. However, that is the way Plec wants it to be for now. Eventually, it will all be revealed. At least fans get to see the two on the screen. This is something that everyone will find out along the way together.

One thing is for certain. This is not The Other Side; nor is it another version of it. This is something completely different, considering the things the writers went through to come up with the storyline to completely get rid of The Other Side during season five. If it was so easy to bring them back or if there really was something else, it would have meant all of the fifth season and all those tears were just in vain.

Episode two of The Vampire Diaries seems to shed a little more light. In the trailer, Bonnie tells Damon that they are living the save day over and over again. It seems that they are somewhere in the past, judging by the newspaper having a 1994 date. Could this really be some sort of hell for the two of them?

There have been many questions throughout the summer about the fate of Bonnie and Damon. There was hope that the first episode would answer some of those questions, but that final scene has simply led to more of them. Now all fans want to know is where Bonnie and Damon are in season six of The Vampire Diaries.

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