Wolverine Killed by Marvel Comics


After 40 years of having a beloved iconic hero like Wolverine to embrace our childhood memories Marvel is finally resting Logan once and for all. Marvel introduced Logan into the comic world in issue of The Incredible Hulk #180 back in the month of October 1974. Wolverine was a hit with his mutant fans lovers and then made his way into the X-Men family.

Now Marvel decided to kill him off as Charles Soule writer of Marvel comic is going to focus on how Logan dies. Charles decided to focus on taking away his healing factor. Wolverine healing factor is what gives him an immortality life. Logan can rapidly heal himself from any wounds, diseases, and toxin.

Charles decided by taking away his mutant power of healing the character will have a sentimental value to his death. Plus it would be interesting to see his enemies coming out for blood as they find out that their number 1 enemy is now kill-able. Logan has so many enemies and they are all lining up to kill him. The ol’canucklehead will have to make decisions that will eventually change his life.

In this stage of his life Wolverine feels at peace. Logan lived for 200 years and lost many love ones. The adamantium samurai fought many heroic battles throughout his endless years. Dr. Cornelius is the one who put the adamantium into his body. Charles wants to make Logan death as epic as his first introduction to weapon-x laboratory. The finale 4 issues will be titled: Death of Wolverine

Wolverine will be hunting the person down that put a contract on him. The problem is that Logan can’t take out his adamantium claws out because of the lack of his healing factor. Logan 6 retractable claws in the back of his hands causes him to bleed and without his mutant power the Canadian hero will die from lack of blood.

Charles is writing the plot of Wolverine and Logan does not know why Dr. Cornelius want him dead or captured. Logan does not know the reasoning of all this crazy bloodshed. The first issue will stage the return of Logan to his native land of Canada. In this first issue the death to his contract will be revealed. From there he will be going to South China Sea and then off to Japan. These are places that will enrich the past of Wolverine. Many fans of this character will enjoy the places and the villains that will make their presence known in the final four issues. Wolverine’s death will be emerging a new legacy in how the Marvel Universe feels without his contribution. Logan is all over the Marvel Universe and is in nearly all of the comics book story-lines. So with his death many will feel lonely and awkward.

Charles Soule said that other series will be coming out like: The Weapon-X Project and The Logan Legacy. These stories will be focusing on the individual characters emotional feelings after his death. Wolverine was a great leader and of his demise has a big impact. Logan’s legacy lives on forever! Wolverine be back and Charles Soule known that the fans loves him and personally hope that the ol’ canucklehead will be back. Marvel’s idea was to make something that would really work and his death is what’s working for them now.

By: Felix Nunez


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4 Responses to "Wolverine Killed by Marvel Comics"

  1. Comic book nerd   December 23, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Diane actually he was born way before 1897 because he fought in the civil war (1860’s)

  2. Isis E. Stevens   October 28, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Wait…say what?!?!? Take AWAY his healing factor? That kinda sucks a little bit. But I guess everyone has to die sometime.

  3. Diane   October 25, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    The series is already over, he didnt die from his blades. Logan’s taken out his claws more than a few times sans healing factor and survived. Also he’s not over 200 years old as he was born around 1897.

    • Ted   October 26, 2014 at 6:31 pm

      Agreed! To also have him covered in molten adamantium as a monument to his life, seemed a fitting death. But it’s moot as everyone knows Marvel never really kills off a major character.

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