Amanda Bynes Calls Threat to Kill Parents a ‘Joke’

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes reportedly threatened to kill both her mother and her father to one of her current roommates, who taped her words as she revealed to him her thoughts about committing the murders; but, now she has stated that the comments were her just “joking,” according to articles by Access Hollywood and others.

Amanda Tweeted that she had been “joking about hurting my family.” The troubled actress, who has not been acting in what many would consider to be a rational manner for some time now, added that she does not “believe in harming a soul.”

On Saturday, audio recordings of Amanda Bynes were posted online by TMZ. The recordings are of Bynes speaking to one of her roommates while on a car ride about how she felt about her parents and how she would like to kill them, topics that are generally not the subject of jokes. She also talked about her attitudes towards the person driving the car, who was gay, making what some might to consider to be homophobic remarks about him.

Now, looking back on the car ride and knowing that she was recorded saying such things, Amanda Bynes issued an apology through Access Hollywood. Speaking about the person who recorded her, she said in an interview that she felt betrayed by him.

Through her attorney, David Esquibias, Amanda Bynes stated to Access Hollywood that the people were “not my friends,” for taping her and that they “capitalized on my illness.” She expressed her disappointment with her roommates, who she claims “lulled” her “into a false sense of security.” Amanda now says that she believes they were “only interested in selling my privacy to the media.”

Earlier on Saturday, speaking to Access Hollywood, Esquibias criticized TMZ for publishing the audio recordings. He wanted to concentrate more on the progress that Bynes has been making, and the fact that she ” sees her doctors four days a week.”

The audio recordings of Amanda Bynes sound pretty convincing, however, and not really like a person who is joking. She might not be in the state of mind to have ever acted on some of the comments she made, but she did not sound as if she was joking around. Bynes has not, so far, denied that the voice on the recordings is her.

In the first audio clip, the voice alleged to be that of Amanda Bynes says that she would like to lead her father, Rick, “into a ditch.” Then, the voice adds that one way the murder might take place is by “slitting his throat.”

Speaking in regards to her mom, Lynn, the voice that is allegedly that of Amanda Bynes then stated that, while she would never actually do it, she has thought about killing her, saying “like I call my mom and like I threaten to like to kill her and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house.”

She further added that she would “continue telling you guys I’m gonna murder my family.” The voice said that she would continue talking about the idea of killing them because “they’re in control of my money and that’s why I don’t have much money right now.”

Besides allegedly “joking” about wanting to kill her parents, Amanda Bynes — or, at any rate, a voice claiming to be her — said about a male on the tape that he was “so gay it hurts my feelings.” The voice also called the roommate “ugly” in another audio clip.

While she thanked her roommates for “letting me stay with you guys,” she stated that she was “scared that you guys don’t want me there.” She seemed to believe they were reading her mind, because the voice said “It’s illegal to read my mind, in my mind.”

Among other comments the voice that is allegedly Amanda’s says is that she will continue “to make fun of you but it will be really subtle like, I am slow, but, like, in my heart, like, I will shoot you in the face but with an ugly insult.”

Adding even more of an offensive and insulting remark, the voice calls the male roommate “The unhottest guy ever,” and she feels “so sorry to say such things. You’re so gay it hurts my feelings.”

Since she was released from psychiatric care from a facility in Pasadena, California, Amanda Bynes has still made comments which sound irrational. Also, she had her photo taken sleeping on a couch in a shopping mall, and a West Hollywood tattoo shop turned her down when she asked for them to give her a neck tattoo.

Amanda Bynes has stated that she had been just “joking about hurting my family.” ┬áTalking about killing one’s family is usually not considered to be a laughing matter, though. She called herself “one of the most thoughtful girls you’ll ever meet” and added “I am the nicest girl.” February 2015 is when her next conservatorship meeting will be held.

Was Amanda Bynes merely “joking” about wanting to kill her mother and father? If so, whoever recorded her did not seem to get the punchline, or left it out of the recordings. Possibly, Bynes was just saying bad things she never really intended to carry out, and just said them because she was ticked off that her parents cut off her access to her money. If what she said was actually a “joke,” as she claims after the recordings have now been made public, at best, it was a joke in very poor taste.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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