Black Friday Jewelry Sales Dazzle

Black FridayAs the nation begins to rev up for two of the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers are offering deals and discounts to entice shoppers to leave their hard-earned dollars in their cash registers. Couple that with the fact that the holiday season is a favorite time for couples to get engaged or established relationships to gift jewelry upon each other, and a lot of people are going to be looking to buy jewelry in the next few days. Many retailers, both brick and mortar and online, are offering deals on jewelry for that special someone.

The real truth is that the retailers depend on these Black Friday sales just as much as the consumers do. Both Macy’s and JC Penney’s, two perennial performers in the  department store industry, have reported losses going into the holiday season. JC Penney’s sales were down almost $200 million dollars in the previous quarter. Macy’s has fared a bit better, earning a profit this year that is still less than the previous year’s. Both stores are looking for good numbers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and are offering many jewelry sales, hoping that they will push consumers through their doors. On WalletHub’s list of holiday deals and discounts JC Penney’s tops the list of merchant discounts, with deals at an average of 65 percent off. Macy’s is next on the list at an average of 53 percent. On the same list though, K-mart is listed as the top discounter, at close to 79 percent off its jewelry items. Nordstrom, another department chain leader, often discounts its jewelry up to 40 percent. Black Friday can be the answer to many broke bachelor’s dreams. Two month’s salary can go a lot further than usual.

While Black Friday has become the standard-bearer for sales throughout the year, Cyber Monday continues to grow in popularity. Many jewelry retailers have saved their sales for a few days. Since these are online sales, many have codes to use to be able to partake in the savings. Sites like Ariel Gordon and Claire’s are all offering Cyber Monday deals from 25 to 75 percent off. Stella & Dot is offering up to 25 percent off on many of its items. Consumers can use these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to purchase trendy designers that they may not have been able to afford before. While these are ostensibly Cyber Monday deals, most do begin on Black Friday, so consumers should act early to make sure that they get exactly what they want.

For those looking to unload some jewelry, the holidays can be the right time to do that as well. As many dealers go through stock during the holiday rush, they are also looking to replenish that same stock. Those looking to exorcise some of their Ghosts of Christmas Past could do well selling their old jewelry to these dealers who are looking to make deals for the upcoming year.

Everyone knows that the best part of the holiday season is giving gifts to their loved ones. With these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, they can save money, and maybe even get a little something for themselves.

By Bryan Levy

Photo Courtesy of Aleksey Gnilenkov – Creativecommons License
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