Chemtrails or Contrails and How to Tell The Difference


Over the past few years there have been reports of mysterious cloud formations smeared across the sky, following aircraft, causing many to question them. Most people would assume that these cloud formations are contrails, however there is a major difference between contrails and these new formations, known as Chemtrails. Some people who live in busy cities, with ever-growing architectural structures like New York, may find themselves rarely looking up at the sky, long enough to focus on everything hovering above them. But in areas with a much clearer view of the atmosphere, most people find themselves noticing these unusual cloud formations.

Over the past decade or so, there has been an increasing interest among people across the United States noticing these Chemtrails. There has been much speculation that these formations are actually contrails, due to the fact that they are usually seen being formed following an airborne plane. Despite closely resembling contrails, Chemtrails appear slightly different to the naked eye.

Scientists, chemists, and aeronautics experts combined, are astounded by these remarkably dangerous discharges and have been studying them for decades. For over a century, the United States, along with several other countries, have been evolving their military warfare strategies, each level of improvement allowing them to defeat higher numbers of people with less and less effort. The advancement of chemical warfare is rapidly increasing with every passing year as the Military Industrial Complex finds more creative ways to attack opposing armies—one of which is the use of chemical warfare.

Contrails are short for condensation trails, which are basically long, thin, artificially man-made clouds that form following an airborne aircraft. These trails consist of water vapors found in the exhaust of an aircraft’s engine, that expel out, forming a suspension of billions of liquid droplets or ice crystals in the sky. They may also be formed by changes in air pressure in wingtip vortices, or in the air over the entire wing surface. In short, contrails are like clouds, simply consisting of water vapors.

Chemtrails are something entirely different. These vicious trails seen leaving planes on several different occasions, consist of the same harmful man-made chemicals which are used in chemical warfare operations executed by military during an attack on the enemy. These Chemtrails contain such harmful substances as micro-bacteria and live viruses which are used in biological warfare, Nano-aluminum particles which is an excitotoxin that causes detrimental effects to the central nervous system, barium salts, which are 10,000 times more toxic to the human body than lead, and even human plasma which is an adjoining factor in human blood.

The reason these chemical trails are being sprayed is yet to be determined, but some conclusions may be drawn based on evidence. Certain public officials have claimed that this process is part of an anti-global warming effort to reflect the sun’s rays away from Earth, hoping to slow down the repercussions of global warming. Although this claim may be plausible, some believe that it is just a cover for another agenda. Another agenda such as the conversion of the atmosphere to plasma for weather modification geotectonic warfare by such organizations as HAARP. Or possibly even, a corporate strategy to monopolize the agricultural market by abolishing private farms from growing crops, thus allowing only genetically modified organisms to dominate the market.

There are many interesting speculations as to why these Chemtrails are being sprayed, but until proven, they simply remain speculation. This is why it is important for people to raise questions and conduct studies, in order to tell the difference between contrails and Chemtrails and understand the repercussions of such.

By Robert Masucci


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