Europe Wants to Break Up Google


Google is being threatened by Europe yet again, as it wants to break up the company. The aim is to reduce the dominance that the tech giant has over the market. However, it would only affect the company’s European parts of its business, and not the parts in the rest of the world.

The European Parliament has a lot of powers, but does it really have the power to do this? There is currently a non-binding resolution being prepared that looks into splitting the European search engine operations part of the business from the rest of it. It will cut down the dominance the company has over the search market at the moment.

Politicians around Europe worry about the dominance it has over the internet industry. Breaking up the company like this would mean a lot of work, but it would significantly threaten Google’s business. However, in the current draft legislation the specific company name has not yet been mentioned. It does not take a rocket scientist to guess that this is the company coming under-fire. It is estimated by researchers that 90 percent of the market share is taken up by this one company.

It seems that this draft legislation may be a waste of time. While the European Parliament does have a lot of power, it cannot break up a company. However, it would mean that the European Commission is pressured to act against the company further. That could lead to Europe breaking up Google, just as it wants to. While the Commission will not need to stick to anything that the Parliament passes, it will have to listen to the legislation.

The search engine giant has recently come under fire by the European Parliament. Just recently, the parliament decided that Google should remove listings from search results that are no longer deemed important for the public. It has led to pedophiles and doctors with negative reviews against them asking for information to be removed. While people can ask, the tech giant does not need to remove the listings. It depends on how important it is for the public to see that information.

It makes sense that the European Parliament is focusing on the tech giant. Google has come under scrutiny and had a number of complaints against it. People no longer trust it for privacy reasons. This distrust is not just in Europe, but around the world. It is very likely that the resolution will be adopted by the Commission due to this lack of trust.

Google is a very large business. While its main element is the search engine, it also owns YouTube, Google+ and many other elements of the internet that people use on a daily basis. Everywhere someone goes online, they will more likely run into the tech giant. There is simply no escaping. It will be interesting to see how this resolution would affect the company.

One of the problems is that Google’s own social media site is now appearing in the search results. This is harming consumers, according to experts. This could completely change if Europe is successfully in breaking up Google as it wants to.

By Alexandria Ingham



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