Google to Go Beyond Human Aging


Google has set forth to broaden beyond its already atmospheric scope of ambitious projects by taking on the source of human aging and death. Googles CEO Larry Page has invested in numerous life research technologies, the more recent being a research facility named Calico. A brain child business plan of Google Ventures managing partner Bill Maris, Calico was officially launched in September of 2013. Shortly thereafter Page had stated that Calico would take a counter intuitive approach in research method in an interview with TIME magazine. The Calico program focuses experiments that will aid in facilitating new methods beyond the narrow scope of modern science in hopes to resolve the underlining issues looming over aging and death.

Already having a hand in a slew of business ventures and services such as Google Fiber and the self-driving car projects, none the more daring than to devise technology to intervene and counter act the processes of disease that lead to aging. At the helm of the Calico Labs is former CEO of Genentech a pioneer in biotechnology and research Art Levinson. Levinson also current chairman at Apple Inc. leads a team of renowned scientists and researchers specializing in fields including, molecular biology, drug development, medicine and genetics.

An announcement by Calico shed light to a new collaboration with AbbVie a leader in innovative bio pharmaceutical development and healthcare services. This collaboration hopes to set in motion an accelerated development in new treatment and commercialize therapies surrounding age related issues. AbbVie plans to co invest a sum of 1.5 billion dollars with Calico to promote the program both parties sharing responsibilities and profit. Calico will maintain early research and development staging for a during of five years up to completion of a two-part operation that of which upon completion of the first stage AbbVie will take up the second phase for a ten-year period assisting Calico. Google’s multi-million dollar investment has made plans to build an anti-aging research center based of South San Francisco.

Google had announced Calico will begin its experiments in Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease as pertain to aging in humans and beyond the current practices of medicine. Maris whom is an experienced health care investigator for public market, advocates breaking away for a medicinal dark age updating and digitizing stored data rather being stored as intellectual property by companies. At the moment Google or Calico have not revealed any specific details of strategy from a research stand point but have suggested in pursuing mass data gathering of patients diagnosed with neuro-degenerative and cancer disease. The San Francisco center will develop and produce life enhancement treatment without limiting its focus to any single disease.

Googles founding staff members such as Sergey Brin and Bill Maris have played a major role in the development of Calico and its pursuit to go beyond the established institute of well-being practices against human aging. Joint invests took place following severe health issues both in Page’s personal life struggling with a rare nerve disease that restricts the vocal chords and Brin’s mother who had been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease signals a potential threat to Brin being diagnosed himself in the future.

by Ernesto Perez

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