Grimm: What Happens Next?

GrimmAfter only two episodes in its fourth season, Grimm managed to get severely complicated. Nick is still powerless, Adalind is now Victor’s prisoner, Trubel was kidnapped by a group of Wessen, Wu is slowly finding out the truth and it seems that the Hexenbiest and ex-Grimm are somehow connected. What will happen next? Well, with everything that happened in first two episodes, Grimm made it very clear that it will be a tense and interesting ride throughout season four.

After Nick lost his powers, the show lost its magic and it appears that the creators know that very well, since they managed to develop the story in a way that brought some other twists. Just like it was expected, Burkhardt is trying to find a way to get his powers back, but he is not really sure if he even wants them back. However, Rosalee and Monroe decided to keep looking for cure, despite the fact that Juliette told them to stop.

Well, Nick might make his decision about becoming a Grimm again when he finds out that Trubel was kidnapped. Furthermore, with Trubel gone, Nick will have no idea who is Wessen and who is not. Maybe he will finally realize that he cannot keep on using Trubel and that she will not always be around to help him. Besides, Nick being a Grimm was the point of this entire show, so it would be a shock for the viewers if he does not get his powers back. It is actually Juliette who keeps suggesting that maybe losing his powers was the best thing that ever happened to them, but she will soon have to accept that being Grimm is Nick’s destiny and that this is just who he is.

Adalind made a big mess by taking away Nick’s powers, but she only did that because she believed that Victor has her daughter. She was desperate after she lost her baby and she was willing to do everything to get her daughter back. The Hexenbiest did change when she became a mother and she would never intentionally do something bad to Nick, since his mother was the one who saved her and her baby from the Royals. So, Adalind did what Victor wanted and she could hardly wait to see her daughter again. However, instead of being reunited with her baby, Victor threw her in the dungeon. Apparently, he wants to find out the names of those Resistance members who helped her escape, because he still hopes to find Adalind’s daughter.

Another twist was revealed when Wu came to Nick’s house, looking for some answers. After he saw those pictures of Wessen in Trubel’s room, he started digging and he found out that Theresa was in fact a suspect in a double homicide. He is obviously tired of Hank’s and Nick’s lies, so he decided to get to the bottom of this. However, before Nick can explain anything, he starts writhing from the pain in his head and at the same moment, Adalind also experiences a very painful headache. It appears that the two of them switched bodies for a few minutes, since Nick suddenly saw rats in the dungeon and the Hexenbiest was looking at Juliette. The two of them obviously share some weird connection and it will be interesting to find out why they are connected in the upcoming episodes.

Second episode of Grimm ended with Trubel, who was kidnapped by a group of Wessen, led by the FBI agent Chavez. After she tested Nick and she voged in front of him, Chavez realized that he is not the Grimm, but she suspected that Trubel might be. Well, there are other ways of finding out if a person is Grimm, so Chavez obviously has a larger plan in motion for Teresa. Judging from the way that the fourth season of Grimm started, the creators will have a lot of explaining to do and a lot of questions to answer to.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik