‘Infected The Lost Weekend’ by Andrea Speed [Book Review]

Infected The Lost Weekend
Infected The Lost Weekend
by Andrea Speed is a short story that acts as a type of filler between the seventh and the eighth books in this series. This is a way for real fans of the series to actually whet their appetite for Roan, Scott and Holden while waiting for book eight. In order to truly appreciate the layers and depth of the story, one should have already read the previous seven novel length books. Fans of the series will already be familiar with not only the characters in this story but also with many of the themes that the books touch upon such as an individual’s ability to show the world only what they want them to see.

The Infected series is such a richly layered series with characters that have grown and evolved over the entire course of the series. With Infected The Lost Weekend readers get a short investigation into the whereabouts of a missing hockey player plus the bonus of getting to see more of not only Roan and Dylan but also Scott and Holden. Since there seems to be a relationship building between Scott and Holden, this book offers more of a glimpse into their personal lives and how they interact with each other. As with most of the Infected stories, while the investigation is a primary focus of the story, it is also a chance to learn more about the central characters in the books.

Infected The Lost WeekendAndrea Speed uses Infected The Lost Weekend as a chance to delve deeper into the characters and their personalities, particularly Scott and even Holden. If one is familiar with Speed’s work then it is clear what the ending will be in regards to the investigation into the missing hockey player. Even Scott who brings the investigation to Roan after his friend goes missing following a drunken night of celebration, can not provide much insight into who his friend is. Not only can Scott not remember much of what happened when the group went out to celebrate but he really doesn’t know much about the other man’s personality either. It is up to Roan to figure out what happened to Scott’s friend and what he finds leads him to believe that not only was the man extremely troubled and carefully hiding it, but that sometimes there are mysteries that do not need to be solved.

This story is an excellent addition to the series as a type of character builder as well as a way to delve into the ever evolving relationships of the characters. The Infected series truly develops many different relationships and cultivates them in a way that is both natural and makes sense. In Infected The Lost Weekend the readers should already be familiar with the fact that Roan can shift into a lion and therefore his being an Infected is not a primary focus of the story. The difference with the short story in the series versus the full length novels is that while Roan’s ability to shift is vital to his character and the way he responds to situations, in this short story it is more of an added bonus rather than a vital aspect of the story’s development.

Although Speed is using Infected The Lost Weekend as almost a filler to appease the fans, it continues to add to the overall storyline. New readers can pick this story up and potentially enjoy it as an introduction but the best way to truly appreciate the story is by being familiar with everything that has happened in the series as a whole. Roan continues to grow and change but so do the many people in his life as well as the readers who are along for the journey.

Review By Kimberley Spinney


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