Jessica Biel Is Pregnant!

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is pregnant, and has reportedly known for a few months. She and husband Justin Timberlake simply wanted to enjoy the news for themselves for a time. They are not the first celebrity couple to hold off confirming that they are expecting a baby.

Last week, Guardian Liberty Voice reported that there were possibilities Timberlake and his Hollywood actress wife were expecting their first child together. While the two have not officially confirmed anything, many sources have been reported saying that they are expecting a baby. One source told Us Weekly that the two wanted to keep the news to themselves.

Biel was spotted on the set of New Girl in August, where she was sporting a small baby bump. The 32-year-old was already acting like a protective mommy as she held her bump while walking around. She was on the set to film her part opposite Zooey Deschanel, who will play her onscreen wedding nemesis.

Reports that the two were expecting a baby started circulating last week. Someone tweeted congratulations on Twitter, although neither Timberlake nor Biel responded to it. It sparked questions over whether it was true, or whether someone has just jumped to conclusions. Sydney Morning Herald then reported that the actress was three-months pregnant.

The celebs’ reps are still to confirm anything, but it certainly seems like the rumors are true. Biel is reportedly pregnant, but it seems like she could be much further than three months along if the bump in August is anything to go back.

Other celebrities have decided to not confirm their pregnancies in the past. They let the bump do the talking, and allow people to get on with rumors. These celebrities like to keep their private lives out of the press. Scarlett Johansson was one of the most recent celebrities to go her whole pregnancy without confirming anything. She recently gave birth to a baby girl.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher held off confirming that they were expecting their first baby together. Earlier in the year, Kunis was spotted with a growing bump and an engagement ring on her finger. She dodged many questions while on the red carpet, but eventually gave in and confirmed. She only confirmed the pregnancy, and not a due date. The two recently welcomed their baby girl into the world, too.

Biel and Timberlake seem to be taking a leaf out of their fellow actors’ books. They are avoiding talking about the pregnancy, and have not even responded to questions or congratulations on social media.

Ignoring rumors and speculation is something the two seem to be really good at doing. Last year, they were surrounded in rumors that Timberlake had had an affair and Biel was no longer supporting him in his music career. She left a cryptic tweet to say that she was enjoying a night at home, but that was all. The rumors slowly died down after nothing seemed to come from them, so it seems ignoring them certainly works. However, if Biel is pregnant, it is not going to be a rumor the two can ignore for long.

By Alexandria Ingham


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