Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Baby?

Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant with her second baby? That is what the rumor mill is saying right now after she stepped out on the red carpet showing what looked like a baby bump. There has been no official announcement from either her or husband Kanye West as of yet.

The two recently announced that they were trying for baby number two. It was something that West has really wanted, despite Kardashian struggling throughout her first pregnancy. Some reports before their marriage in May speculated that there was a clause about the reality TV show having more children with the rapper. Nothing was confirmed, but some rumors included him willing to pay her to have more children.

Since the two decided to officially start trying for a second baby, many have been on bump watch. It seems to have happened already. Kardashian stepped out on the red carpet in a beautiful, figure-hugging blue dress, and it certainly looked like there was a small baby bump forming.

The announcement for the second pregnancy is expected to take place on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. According to, the scripting is being developed around the pregnancy, and nothing can be confirmed before this. According to the same site, West is extremely happy that he will be a dad for the second time. Until anything is officially confirmed from the power couple or reps, all of this can be taken with a grain of salt.

Other events over the last few days have led to the speculation that Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby. During an interview, she seemed to slip up about her maternity wear, making many people question the possibility.

It was while in London last month when she was promoting her clothing line that she possibly let slip that she was expecting her second baby. The interviewer asked about her maternity style, and she said “…this time around.” It was a clear hint that she was pregnant at the time of speaking, otherwise she would have said “next” time around.

The appearance on the red carpet has been enough for many to believe that she and West are expecting baby number two. Now all anyone is waiting for is the announcement, which will probably come soon. The two still have to film telling the rest of the Kardashians before they can confirm it anywhere else. Considering the lives of the family have constantly been aired on TV first, it makes sense that this announcement will happen on screen before anywhere else.

It is possible that the bump was just a problem with her dress. The bump just seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Just days before this, she shared an image on Instagram with a tiny waist from her waist trimming experiment. The “slip up” in the interview may just be her hoping for the future, knowing that she and West are trying for a second baby.

Whether it is true or not, many will now be on bump watch while waiting for an official announcement. It certainly seems likely that Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby.

By Alexandria Ingham




Photo credit: CC-2.0 David Shankbone