Legend of Korra: A Walk Down Memory Lane [Recap/Review]

Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra does what every show in the past has done when the writer’s begin to run out of ideas. They took viewers on a trip down memory lane. This week’s episode, titled Remembrances, decided to give fans a cute portrayal of the past nemesises and plot lines that have filled the entire Legend of Korra season. Though the episode was cute in its delivery and funny moments, it was nothing more than just another filler for Book Four.

Remembrances picks up right where the previous episode left off. Team Avatar has just rescued the current prince and future dethrowned leader of the Earth Nation. Hiding his majesty within Asami’s home with Mako’s family, the prince decided he needed to do some training to buildup his physique and not be such an easy target for kidnappers. Though the plan was to bulk-up, it did not stop the prince from taking a nice break to find out more about the man who has been protecting his life for the past three years. The story about Mako began. Instead of giving viewers a lesson in where Mako came from and the whole life story, the writers decided to just keep it simple and focus on Mako and Bolin’s story from the beginning of the series. Complete with some information about Mako’s love-life and interesting love triangle between him, Asami, and Korra, the flashback showed viewers clipped from previous episodes.

Legend of KorraThe relationship history lessen made way for Korra to speak on her inner struggles in another scene. As she sat with her new best friend Asami, the two went down memory lane about her many defeats. The young heroine finally touched on what has been plaguing her since the beginning of the season-her self pity. Even after saving the world countless times throughout the Legend of Korra series, out young hero is still in a emotional rut. Her constant defeats and challenging adversaries have waved down on the young avatar’s spirit in more ways than Legend of Korra viewers are aware. Too many near-death experiences have left a lasting effect on the teenager and she is still finding a way to cope. No matter how much Asami tried to keep Korra in good spirits, it seems that pessimism and regret were the only thing on the avatar’s mind.

Legend of KorraIn true Legend of Korra fashion, the heavy moments of the episode were shortly followed by some comic relief to lighten the mood. With another dose of chuckles and laughs, the next narrated flashback scene was brought to viewers by Varrick and Bolin, also known as Nucktuck. Accompanied by the refugees from the previous episode, Varrick decided to go into story telling. The hilarious and eccentric inventor put a complete spin on the series, so far, and made it moderately more interesting than it actually has been. With complete fabrications and some jokes made about some of the boring villains, Varrick’s rendition was nothing short of a well-timed comedic relief that Legend of Korra viewers needed.

With Remembrances, the writers clearly were running out of ideas. Deciding to keep new viewers in the loop and add some comedy for fans, the episode was another filler. Unlike Avatar the Last Airbender’s Ember Island Players episode, Remembrances lacked the creativity and hilarity that make a walk down memory lane less monotonous. With only five episodes left in the series, hopefully the writers are done with the fillers and can move with the story. The episode was okay, at best, but still not one of the season’s best.

Opinion By Tyler Cole